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The aim of CardioCritic is simple – to provide impartial reviews of consumer products that incorporate heart rate monitoring technology. It’s all about cardiovascular healthcare products that promote & monitor a healthier lifestyle. In depth product reports on 2017’s best fitness trackers, running watches, watches for triathlon and GPS bike computers. Over 120 reviews of fitness products from all the leading brands

New products from Polar and Garmin

Polar have released two new fitness products for May. The Polar M430 fitness watch with GPS and wrist based HR builds on the popular M400. For cyclists we have the Polar M460, a new GPS bike computer with LIVE Strava segments.

Garmin have also released two new products, the Forerunner 935 and Vivosmart 3. The Forerunner 935 combines the best features of the Fenix 5 and Forerunner 735XT. The Garmin Forerunner 935 is aimed a triathletes and other elite level performance athletes. the Vivosmart 3 is challenging the Fitbit Charge 2 as the best fitness tracker for 2017

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For Fitness

The best Fitness Watches Reviewed here

FITNESS – fitness bands, activity trackers and other heart rate monitor watches for general health and fitness. Some of these devices are simple fitbands like the Fitbit Alta, others do everything like the Vivoactive HR.

Best in class? Fitbit Charge 2 & Polar A360

For Runners

The Best Running Watches Reviewed here

RUNNING – all the running watches reviewed here feature built-in GPS & heart rate monitor, specifically designed with runners in mind. Garmin Forerunner 235, TomTom Runner 3 and Polar M400 to name just a few.

Best in class? the Forerunner 35 & Polar M200

For Cycling

The Best GPS bike computers reviewed here

CYCLING – the best GPS bike computers from Garmin, Polar and Wahoo Fitness. Garmin have been market leaders for some time with their Edge range, but Polar & Wahoo offer some competent alternatives.

Best in class? the Edge 820 & Polar M450

For Triathlon

Watches for Triathlon - Run, Swim and Bike

TRIATHLON – a special breed of athlete needs a special breed of GPS sports watch. The triathlon watches featured here all have LONG battery life and can record your swim > bike > run in ONE file with transition times.

Best in class? Forerunner 735XT & Polar V800

For Adventure

Outdoor Adventure Watches with GPS, Altimeter, Barometer and Compass

Alti-Baro-Compass – A hard core selection of the toughest and roughest adventure sports watches incorporating Altimeter, Barometer and Compass as well as GPS & heart rate monitor. Expect the very best products here.

Best in class? Suunto Ambit 3 Peak & Fenix3 HR

For Swimmers

Reviews of the best swimming watches

SWIMMING – all the watches featured in the this section incorporate a clever accelerometer unit that can accurately count your lengths as you swim in an indoor pool. Get post swim feedback including SWOLF score etc.

Best in class? Garmin 920XT & Garmin Swim (ext)

Strapless HR

No Chest Strap heart rate monitors reviewed

STRAPLESS – heart rate monitors with No Chest Strap. This innovation arrived in 2014. All the main brands now have strapless models. Join the strapless revolution and train without a chest strap.

Best in class?  Polar A360 or Forerunner 35

Medical (BP/ECG)

Blood Pressure Monitors, ECG and Pulse Oximeters reviewed here

MEDICAL – we are also interested in medically focused devices like portable ECG machines, the best blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters and fetal doppler monitors (for baby’s heart rate)

Best in class?  Omron M7Ti or Kardia ECG

Latest Reviews

These are just a couple of the latest reviews published by CardioCritic. Coming soon .. a Blood Pressure monitor and Pulse Oximeter by TempIR

Mio Slice

the Mio Slice fitness band with PAI reviewed here

Mio Slice with PAI – Mio were the first to bring us wrist based heart rate monitoring. Now they present the world’s first fitness band with a PAI score – Personal Activity Intelligence

Polar M200

Polar M200 GPS running watch reviewed here

Polar M200 – a highly recommended GPS running watch with wrist based heart rate monitor.  Supported by Polar Flow app and web service. The M200 is a serious alternative to the Garmin Forerunner 35

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