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Abdominal Training Tips

A good friend of mine, Bob Wood from Physical Solutions, recently produced a 14 minute video on Evidence Based Abdominal Training. I like Bob’s ideas so much I want to share them with my CardioCritic followers. Bob is a believer in HARD FACTS. He’s the least likely person I know to follow a fitness fad or training trend just because everyone else is. Bob wants facts, research documents, more facts and concise conclusions with evidence based support.

In this video Bob presents a complete abdominal workout based upon the 3 body positions of maximum abdominal muscular load. These ab workouts are practical, evidence based, and effective. They can be performed anywhere, no special equipment required. So whether you’re at home, on the road, or in the gym, you can now give your abdominal muscles a serious workout. This series of exercisers can be applied from both a performance and rehab perspective.

Watch the Video – Abdominal Training

Core Training for Cyclists / Runners / Beach Posing

The point Bob makes in his video is that Core Training is CORE TRAINING – whatever the long term purpose and obective. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a runner or a cyclist or just want to look good on the beach. It’s all just simple TRUNK STRENGTH training. The video starts by defining the 3 exercises that are most demanding to the abdominal core. These 3 styles of exercise are :

  • Push Up
  • Plank
  • Side Plank

Pyramid Technique

Throughout the video Bob refers to a training technique known as Pyramid Technique. This involves a set of exercises, 3 or 4 maybe. In the first set each exercise in conducted 10 times. For the second set each exercise is peformed just 9 times …. this continues down to the final set with just 2 repetitions per set.

First Pyramid for Abdominal Training

  1. Bob starts with a BASIC PLANK with single hand wall touch 10 times.
  2. Then a SIDE PLANK with 10 x hip drops
  3. This is followed by a LOOK BACK Situp, not a traditional situp, but a very discrete movement, raising just a few inches from the floor 10 times. It’s low of movement but high on effort
  4. Now the other side for the SIDE PLANK x 10 reps.

At the end of this first Pyramid it’s straight in to the second Pyramid – same as before, but just 9 repetitions per exercise

Second Pyramid – 9 reps

  1. BASIC PLANK with single hand wall touch 9 times.
  2. SIDE PLANK (left) with 9 x hip drops.
  3. LOOK BACK Situp x 9.
  4. SIDE PLANK (right) x 9.

Plank with Wall Touches

Side Plank with Hip Dips

Look Back Sit Ups

About Bob

Bob Wood is a Physiotherapist and Athlete Development Specialist. His speciality is a functional and movement based approach to both rehabilitation and performance. He has spent many years running a successful private practice, and also has a personal functional training studio. He has produced numerous articles on all aspects of health and fitness, which have been published in magazines, national newspapers and radio, and has been a regular contributor to both Today’s Golfer and Golf World

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