The Top 3 Heart Health Myths

Last Updated on May 16, 2019A healthy heart is important to have a good quality of life. Heart disease is one of the top causes of death all over the world, and for some, they get diagnosed too late or they never care about their heart at all. Aside from that, there is so many … Read more

6 Tips to Understanding Neuropathy

Many of us may have experienced the weird “pins and needles” sensation that commonly occurs when pressure is applied to one’s nerves after sitting or standing for too long.  This usually goes away once body position is change and the pressure is relieved from the nerves and blood vessels. But if it does not, it may … Read more

Is Hiring a Personal Trainer Worth the Costs?

Going to the gym is arguably one of the best decisions you could ever make. This is because lifting the weights and engaging in cardio exercises helps in improving your overall wellness and health.  It also leaves feeling stronger, which in return boosts your confidence. However, most people tend to fail in achieving their fitness goals. … Read more

3 Tips to Protecting Your Ears

All five of our senses are equally important to function well as human beings. That’s why it is vital to know the proper ways to taking care of your body. This includes making sure that all of your senses are in working order at any given time.  For example, most people are not aware of how … Read more

5 Steps to Taking Control of Your Anxiety

Many things in life put us in stressful situations. From how we perform at work or school, financial problems to drug use, all these things can trigger nervousness.  Feeling uneasy and helpless is a normal reaction to the common stressing factors. Still, if you will not be able to get over this feeling, you will … Read more

4 Things You Can Do To Decrease Snoring

Snoring might not bother you, especially when you sleep alone, but it can become a problem for those around you. They might not be able to get some quality sleep if they are kept awake by your snoring. There are times when snoring can also be a serious thing. More than half of those who snore … Read more

3 Ways to Get Fit As a Senior Citizen

Over the last 20 years, life expectancy in the US has increased from 50 to 78 years. This great milestone has been achieved through the adoption of healthier lifestyles. Senior citizens are eating healthier meals compared to previous generations. They are also less stressed, and they are working out more often. This is evidence enough that … Read more