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UK Cyclists – consider PedalSure Insurance

I’ve been cycling for years and I’ve been quite lucky to date. I’ve been knocked off just once (more a skid than a full on crash) and I’ve had one bike stolen from Milton Keynes train station. Following each incident made a mental not to ‘get bike insurance. Until now, I never got round to it. I know I have some sort of personal cover with my British Cycling Membership and my bikes are covered on my house & contents insurance… but is that enough?

Why Get Cycle Insurance

There are several reasons why UK cyclists should be insured. The three most obvious reasons are –

  • Theft
  • Personal Injury
  • Injury to a third party

According to crime data records 376,000 bicycles are stolen every year in the UK – one every 90 seconds. Anyone who cycles whether for fun, fitness or commuting must understand how common a crime it is. Unfortunately, it’s only when a bike is stolen that the victim realises the lack of cover on their household policy. And what happens in the unfortunate event of an accident? … loss of earnings, rehab, legal cover etc.

Covered on your Home & Contents Insurance?

My own home insurance is with Admiral and they include a single bike to the value of £350 on their standard cover. Iit covers theft of the bike from my property, nothing else. £350 might recoup the price of an ‘average bike’ but it won’t cover the price of a Road Bike or MTB of most keen cyclists. Nor will it provide cover for personal injury, legal protection, loss of earnings etc (unless additional cover is taken out).

Consider a Specialist Insurer

At CardioCritic we recommend a specialist insurance company. A company whose own mission statement says ….

…however precious your bike is, it’s not as precious as you are. So while other policies focus on the bike, we believe in covering you first, and then your bike.

A few questions to ask your Insurance Company?

Ask your insurer a few questions before adding your bike(s) to your Home & Contents Policy

    • Does the cover include bike(s) AWAY from HOME?
    • Does it offer NEW for OLD?
    • Are you covered for LOSS of EARNINGS
    • Are your accessories covered? (lights, locks etc can easily add over £500)
    • How about Rehab Physio cover?

It is possible that your insurance company can add these options, at a premium, however, certain things won’t be covered. Pedalsure give the customer simple and clear optional levels of cover during the QUOTE process. Everything from the pay out level for accidental death to cover for foreign travel.

Bike, Rider or Rider & Bike

PedalSure give their customers three options when applying for insurance.

  1. Bike Only
  2. Rider Only
  3. Bike(s) & Rider

How does Pedalsure compare?

If you’re still not sure whether PedalSure is right for you then please pop over to their website and look at the Compare Cover option.

Comparing Insurance for your Bicycle

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