We are proud to have this BRITISH company on CardioCritic.com. Duronic is a global consumer products brand based in the UK. They first launched in 2005, manufacturing products which cater for everyday lifestyles. They are committed to create simplicity for everyday household tasks through timely innovations inspired by new technological advances. We can recommend the Duronic Blood Pressure monitors as a value for money alternative to the better known brands such as Omron.

Duronic BP Monitor Reviews

  • Duronic BPM150

    A popular upper arm blood pressure monitor with a memory store for the last 60 readings. The Duronic BPM150 is easy to use and clearly shows your diastolic, systolic and pulse with large LCD digits. Featuring a colour coded indicator showing if your blood pressure is low, normal, high or very high. With over 1,000 reviews with an average of 4.7/5 stars this BP monitor is highly recommended ...

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