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EMS and TENS machines

An EMS machine is a great tool and can be used in both a rehabilitation tool and a parallel training device. TENS and EMS are under-utilised resources in treatment and rehabilitation of common injuries.

TENS for PAIN management

A TENS machine can be used in various programme modes to apply a gentle electronic signal to stimulate blood flow and aid recovery in injured tissues. TENS is often used to treat chronic pain in areas such as NECK and BACK. As a cyclist myself, a TENS unit can provide great relief following a long ride in the lower back area. Modern TENS machines are equipped with a clean, user friendly graphical user interface like the one shown below. When we first started selling TENS units they looked more like something from a Frankenstien movie with dials to control current and frequency. Gladly, things have moved on and we now have some brilliant, easy to use products by brands such as BodyClock, Compex and Globus. You will often find that a mid priced unit (around £100) has an extensive selection of TENS and EMS functionality – giving pain relief and muscle training from the same unit.

TENS pain relief devices


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EMS Muscle Stimulation

An EMS unit is used to stimulate muscles either as part of a training programme or part of rehabilitation. An EMS unit has an array of electrical pulse shapes, frequencies and intensities to apply precisely the correct stimulation to the muscle being worked. We started using Compex EMS units way back in 2004 and we firmly believe in their effectiveness for both performance improvement and rehabilitation following injury and muscle atrophy.

Does EMS Really Work?

At the time we began selling EMS (in 2004) there was a lot of skepticism about their use and the benefits they claimed to provide. From my own personal experience, I can say without any hesitation that they work. Why wouldn’t they? The principles behind their operation is simple, instead of your brain sending a trigger to the muscle telling it to contract, the EMS units does that for you. The electrical signal sent to the muscle doesn’t DO the contraction…. it’s simply a signal telling the muscle to do some work. What you have to remember is that EMS treatment should be used in parallel to regular training. An EMS machine does NOTHING for your cardiovascular system, it will only help to train, tone and improve muscle form and function

An EMS muslce stimulator from Globus - a highly respected brand

Globus EMS at Amazon

Compex EMS – the best Muscle Stimulators

I have used EMS and TENS machines from many brands. I’ve owned and tested units from under £20 to over £1000. Of all the brands I have used the two I respect the most are Globus and Compex. Compex have an innovative range of WIRELESS muscle stimulators, Whether you’re buying an EMS unit for personal or professional use I would strongly recommend you consider a unit from one of these two highly respected brands

Compex 2017 Range Overview

The Compex products are split in to two ranges – FITNESS and SPORT. Please use the comparison tables below to help select the most appropriate device from their extensive range

Compex Sport and Fitness range of EMS machines

Wireless EMS Units

This short video demonstrates the principles and use of the Compex Sport 6.0 and Sport 8.0 with their WIRELESS pads

Technical Specification Compex Fit versus Sport



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