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Epson Runsense SF-510

  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 3.5 stars
£115 to £140
  • 60%

  • Epson SF-510
  • Reviewed by:
  • Published on:
  • Last modified: 24th May 2018
  • Heart Rate Monitor functions
    Editor: 85%
  • Heart Rate Accuracy
    Editor: 98%
  • Running functions
    Editor: 95%
  • Cycling functions
    Editor: 50%
  • Fitness monitoring features
    Editor: 75%
  • Ease of Use
    Editor: 50%
  • Battery Life
    Editor: 99%

The Epson Runsense SF-510 is a GPS runners watch with in-built stride sensor reviewed and tested by Tristan Haskins. Please note… at the time of writing this we have only personally tested the TOP of the range SF-810. This SF-510 is the second model up from a line up of 4 products in Epson’s Runsense range. The SF-510 takes the SF-310 and adds to it an internal STRIDE SENSOR. This sensor adds stride length, pitch (strides per minute) and will continue monitoring your running speed & distance in the event of GPS signal loss (under trees or indoors etc). If you want heart rate monitoring you will also need the optional HRM chest strap (or any Bluetooth 4.0 HR sensor).

Reviewed - the Epson SF-510 GPS watch

Runsense SF-510 Features

The SF-510 sports monitor combines highly accurate GPS tracking with a built-in Smart Stride Sensor to learn your technique, measuring distance and pace whatever the conditions. You can view real-time data at a glance on four customisable screens. With an amazing 30 hours of GPS tracking you can dare yourself to run another mile.

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Next model UP

The next model up is the Epson SF-710 with added cumulative ascent in altitude, cumulative descent in altitude and Gradient (as display options) making it more attractive to CYCLISTS as well as runners

Epson SF-710

Next model DOWN

The next model DOWN is the Epson SF-310 which comes WITHOUT the internal stride sensor.

Epson SF-310

Alternative products

UPDATE > Dec 2016. The Epson SF-510 is still a competent GPS running watch. However, there are many other good alternatives. For runners looking for GPS based speed & distance, heart rate and even built-in activity tracking please also check these alternatives. The Polar M400 (heart rate belt), Polar M200 (wrist based heart rate), Garmin Forerunner 35 (wrist based) or the best technical runners watch on the market the Garmin Forerunner 235 (wrist based HR) or the TomTom Spark 3 (wrist based HR) with built in music store

Polar M400  one of the best GPS running watches with chest strap HR

Polar M200  a brilliant GPS running watch with wrist based heart rate

Garmin Forerunner 35  stylish, easy to use, wrist based heart rate. Highly recommended

Garmin Forerunner 235  perfect for runners from casual joggers to competitive athletes

TomTom Spark 3  easy to use with storage for 500 songs

SF-510 with built-in stride sensor

Accurately keep track

This accurate and intelligent GPS sports monitor features smart device compatibility. Sync the SF-510 with your phone to enable fast GPS positioning with the AGPS function to get you on your run faster. Its Smart Stride Sensor measures stride length and pitch and learns your individual technique, so if GPS signal is lost, the SF-510 will keep track of your distance and pace.

Helping you to train smarter

Runsense lets you track your progress against long-term targets and view your estimated finishing time or distance based on a set target, or you can improve your performance with the interval training mode. The free Runsense View portal and Run Connect app1 help you customise your settings, and monitor, analyse, compare and even share your stats to maximise your potential. Connect to your smart device using Bluetooth Smart. Cycle through four customisable screens, with up to three measurements on each, chosen from huge range of options.

Train your way, for longer

Its active GPS battery life of 30 hours – up to three times longer than comparable competitor products2 – means you can run for longer before having to recharge. Water resistant up to 5ATM, and with a compact, lightweight design, the SF-510 is designed to fit into your lifestyle. Use it with an optional heart rate chest strap, or use the indoor mode to track your run during indoor training.

See what you want to see

The SF-510 allows the user to display a combination of the following functions/parameters.

  • Distance
  • Lap Distance
  • Guide Distance
  • Pace
  • Lap Pace
  • Average pace
  • Speed
  • Split Time
  • Lap Time
  • Time
  • Guide Time
  • Calories burned
  • Altitude
  • Stride Sensor (takes over when signal lost or running indoors) [not on SF-310]
  • Stride [not on SF-310]
  • Pitch (strides per minute / leg cadence) [not on SF-310]
  • Heart Rate *
  • Average HR *

* optional heart rate sensor required

Key Features

  • Accurately measure your performance
    • Epson GPS sensor
  • Run for longer
    • 30 hours of GPS battery life
  • Analyse and evaluate
    • With the Runsense View portal and free app1
  • Customisable screens
    • 4 screens with up to 3 measurements on each
  • Dare yourself
    • Set long term targets


Lap Manual Lap, Automatic Lap Distance, Automatic Lap Time
Interval Time, Distance, Heartrate Zone
Goal Function Distance, Time
Light Auto Light, Manual Light
Alarm Distance Alarm, Pace Alarm, Heartrate Alarm
Time zone adjustment Auto, Manual
Auto Pause Yes


Number of measurement screens Up to 4 screens
Number of measurement items per screen Up to 3 measurements
Selectable measurements Distance, Lap Distance, Guide Distance, Pace, Lap Pace, Average pace, Speed, Split Time, Lap Time, Time, Guide Time, Calories burned, Stride, Pitch, Altitude


Width Max. 44.3 mm
Thickness Max. 11.8 mm
Weight 48.9 g
Battery life GPS off 20 days
Battery Life GPS on 30 Hours
Water resistant 5atm
User interface 4 buttons + tap
Tone Yes
History capacity 400 laps
GPS Sensor Yes
Smart Stride Sensor Yes
Connection to Computer USB
Connection to Smart phone Bluetooth 4.0
Heart Rate Monitor Optional chest strap
Wireless connection Heart Rate Monitor Bluetooth 4.0
LCD size Diameter 28.2 mm Length 21.6 mm
LCD pixels 128×96
LCD Reverse display mode Yes
Runsense View web app Yes
Supported web browser Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 or later
Runsense View smart phone app Yes
Supported smart devices For the latest compatibility please go to
Computer Uploader Yes
Supported OS Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Measurement modes Run, Walk, Bike
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