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Perfect Gift ideas for Runners, Swimmers and Cyclists (inc. Triathletes)

Welcome to our Gift Ideas and Perfect Presents guide. We maintain this area of the website to keep it CURRENT and up to date with the latest products on offer from the main brands making the best running, cycling, triathlon and keep fit products. We have listed the best present ideas by category. There is some overlap between triathlon and swimming, running and cycling, as you might expect.

Christmas, Birthday and other special occasions

These suggestions are perfect for most occasions including Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day and Father’s day. If you are buying a present for a family member and you’d like to confirm it’s appropriate please contact us with details of the gift and the recipient and we will give our honest feedback.

Presents for Runners, Cyclists, Triathletes & Swimmers

It can be hard buying a gift for a dedicated triathlete, swimmer, cyclist or runner. Hopefully these ideas will help whether they’re an occasional social swimmer, or addicted to lane swimming, a serious runner or casual jogger, a competitive cyclist or daily commuter. Chances are they already have pretty much everything they need from neoprene overshoes to optimal nutrition & resistance training swim mittens to Bluetooth cadence sensors. We have listed the most popular and current products that we know we’d love to receive as a Christmas or birthday present.

Gift ideas for RUNNERS (inc. Triathletes)

Head torch for safety at night

Great gift for runners - a bright headtorch for night running

Running is such a great fitness activity as it can be performed pretty much anywhere in the world with not much more than a pair of training shoes, socks, shorts and a running vest. Unlike cycling there is no need for expensive carbon bikes, aero wheels and high tech helmets. However, running in the dark months of winter or late at night can be dangerous.

Running with a head torch keeps you safe from tripping and spraining an ankle. It’s a great way of avoiding unnecessary risk. The comforting light also provides a safety blanket and gives a positive reassurance when running away from street lights

The Silva Trail Runner II is lightweight and comfortable to wear, as the headband is extra wide and anti-slip treated. The battery compartment is small and holds 3 AAA batteries, where it is put on the headband. Silva uses Silva Intelligent Light, where it is designed to give the wearer a wide and long angle, so that less head movement is needed- giving better balance and greater speed.

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Fitness Band with Heart Rate

Fitness band makes excellent present for runners

This website is all about the latest technology GPS fitness monitors and heart rate monitors. As a runner you will want to train effectively to improve your speed and endurance. All the runner’s watches reviewed on this website will help you achieve this goal. However, we must NOT neglect the DAILY ACTIVITY, time that helps improve our general fitness base, but not necessarily actual training. An activity tracker will help you stay active throughout the day and show you when you’ve spent too long sitting at your desk.

Take control of your goals by using Charge HR to record your workouts and track all-day activity like heart rate, steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes. With instant access to every stat, anywhere you go, you don’t have to look far for motivation to keep moving. The Charge HR takes heart rate OFF the WRIST so there’s no need for a chest strap.

More Activity Trackers

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Cool Running – Keep your Core Warm

Base Layers for runners

Gift Idea for a runner

Wearing the right clothing when running is critical to achieving a good performance and enjoying your run. Overladen with low tech clothing will make the wearer wet and cold. Modern fabrics wick the sweat AWAY from the body adding cooling when it’s hot and keeping you warm (and not DAMP) when it’s cold and you’re sweating.

Designed around UA’s HeatGear fabric technology and stripped down to deliver a supremely lightweight construction, the garment thrives when you step up the tempo. HeatGear technology operates around a moisture management system, rapidly drawing perspiration away from the skin into the mid/outer layer to be evaporated.

Keeping the wearer cool, comfortable and dry throughout their training. Working in concert with the HeatGear construction, UA have integrated targeted stretch mesh under arm panelling delivering strategic ventilation, increasing the breathability in a key area; delivering unmatched ventilation and comfort

More Running Base Layers

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Clever ! Beanie Hat with Bluetooth Music

Beanie hat with Bluetooth headphones

Joggers beanie cap with Bluetooth music

Who likes to listen to music when running? I do. Who wears a beanie when running in cold weather? I do. So what better than a beanie cap that includes BUILT IN wireless, bluetooth micro speakers ! Brilliant idea.

Rotibox Bluetooth Hat Trendy Warm Soft Knit Slouchy Music Beanie Skully Cap with Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Headset Earphone hands-free Phone Call for running, outdoor jogging and any winter sports fitness casual activities

Perfect for gym,exercise,fitness,outdoor sports such as running, skiing, skating, hiking, working out, dog walking, holiday travelling and so on

The Latest Blutooth V4.0 Technology: Easy and fast to pair with smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled music devices,wireless range up to 33 feet

User-friendly Control Panel: The control panel built-in stereo speaker and microphone on the left earpiece allows you to skip back and forth through your playlist, answer and hang up calls without having to use your phone

Long-lasting Enjoyment of Music: Built in rechargeable Li-Ion battery,about 6 hours talking/playing time, 2.5 hours charging time,60 hours standby, so you have less time charging and more time doing.(USB charging cable included)

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Never too many hats and gloves

Hat and Glove gift set

Every runner has at least one set of gloves and a breathable running hat. But that’s not enough, it’s useful to have several pairs for rotation. Any jogger would be happy to get this great set of MORE MILES running gloves and beanie hat.

  • The More Mile Hat & Glove Set is made from an extremely breathable and highly thermal fabric
  • They are ideal for keeping your head and hands warm during cold weather runs. The mesh panels aid with ventilation and also improve visibility.
  • Stretchy, for the perfect fit
  • Thermal material – Soft, comfortable feel

More Hat & Glove sets for Runners

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Gift ideas for CYCLISTS (inc. Triathletes)

An affordable Mechanic’s Stand

Good Quality cycle maintenance stand

Most cyclists will want to tinker with their brakes and adjust their gears at some time. I have tried a broomstick under the saddle supported either side by two small bins… but trust me, it doesn’t work. A mechanic’s stand used to be a thing of luxury and bike shops. Not anymore. These great stands hold the bike securely and safely (no scratching the frame) and cost less than a pair of bike shorts!

This model of bike repair stand has many quick release clamps and a magnetic tool tray. It is ideal for any professional how requires a high spec heavy duty repair stand

  • Latest design bike repair stand with “a 360* quick release” clamp and magnetic tool tray
  • High quality robust heavy weight frame
  • Height adjustable frame
  • Folding design leg stand that gives maximum stability

More Mechanic Stands Here

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Great Nutrition to keep you pedalling

Gift Set of cyclists nutrition from High5

When you start training over 1 hour then you need to consider nutrition. There are dozens of brands on the market and most are reasonably good. A brand that always fairs well in bike, tri and run magazine tests are High 5.

This High5 Race Faster Pack provides a scientific dose of caffeine. Proven EnergyGel and IsoGel. It will demonstrate what can be achieved using the latest generation of nutrition products and a scientific nutrition strategy for sport, distance and bodyweight. State-of-the-art nutrition for a 4-hour endurance event. Includes bottles.

  • IsoGel & IsoGel PLUS / 60ml Sachets (x2). EnergyGel & EnergyGel PLUS / 30ml Sachets (x4).
  • EnergySource [and/or EnergySource PLUS] / 47g [50g] Sachets (x3). EnergySource 4:1 / 47g Sachets (x1).
  • EnergySource X’treme / 50g Sachets (x1). Zero Hydration Tablets (x10).
  • A guide to racing faster.
  • Contains an assortment of best selling flavours.

More Great Nutrition Ideas

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Keep that chain clean for smooth gear changes

 A great gift for cyclist, a chain cleaner

Keeping your drive train clean is essential as it helps maintain accurate gear shifting and can prevent gears slipping due to dirt building up on the jockey wheels. Keeping your chain clean is easy with this tool.

This Park Tool cyclone chain scrubber is suitable for all types of bicycle chain, including multi-speed and single-speed. Extra deep reservoir to hold degreaser or chain cleaning fluid. Internal magnet catches all metallic particles, and prevents them from being redistributed on the chain.

Sponge material soaks up solvent from the chain as it exits the cyclone, reducing drips and mess. Clip on handle for ease of use and better control. Internal stiff bristle rotating brushes clean the chain on all sides. Spare brushes available. Massively prolongs chain life when used on a regular basis.

More Bike Cleaning Tools

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Top Specification 17 bit bike tool

A high quality 19 tool bike tool

The Crank Brothers Multi 17 Tool has mountain bikers first in mind. Nothing besides a flat or a broken bone will stop your ride as quickly as a busted chain, and if you ride hard you’re bound to snap a link sometime.

The Multi 17 might not be the absolute lightest tool or smallest on the market, but the extra grams are well worth it because if you don’t have the right tool when the chips are down, you’re dead weight anyway.

This tool features four spoke wrench sizes, seven hex wrench sizes, an 8mm and 10mm open wrench, and both a phillips and flathead screwdriver makiing it ideal for the most out going riders.

  • Frame: 6061-T6 aluminium
  • Tools: 6150 high tensile steel
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Weight: 168g
  • Length: 3.5” / 89mm
  • Chain tool: 8/9/10 speed compatible
  • Spoke wrench: #0,1, 2, 3
  • Hex wrenches: #2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8
  • Screwdrivers: Phillips, flat
  • Open wrench: 8mm, 10mm
  • Torx: T-25Frame: 6061-T6 aluminium

More High Quality Bike Tools

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Raining? No problem, indoor turbo trainer

Indoor training with a turbo trainer

Training outside in the wind and the rain might build character, but it can be dangerous if the roads are slippy and wet and it’s just not fun. A Turbo Trainer can be used with your current bike and gives you the ability to train indoors when the outside conditions are less than favourable.

Use your regular bike as and indoor exercise bike and keep fit whatever the weather in the comfort of your own home. Whatever your level of fitness or your training goals our great value quality Trainer can help. You choose how hard you train and can set the resistance with the handlebar controller or the gears of your bike.

This Magnetic Trainer is much quieter than traditional fan trainers and quietest of all when using slick road tyres. Great for cycling and fitness enthusiasts alike, from Triathletes to those looking for a safe low impact exercise when recovering from injury or illness. Check out the features and specification below and the great reviews we have received for the Trainer and our customer service

  • Suits All Standard Bikes and so used by numerous Triathlon Clubs
  • Fits Quick Release AND Solid Axles unlike many Turbo Trainers
  • 6 LEVEL Variable Resistance – Front wheel support worth £6.99 included
  • Fully Assembled -With Quick Release Mounting and New Heavy Duty Resistance Controller
  • FULL 12 MONTH (No Quibble) WARRANTY

More Quality Turbo Trainers

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No Excuse for a DIRTY bike !!

Value for money Muc off bike cleaning gift pack

Muc-Off Nano Tech cleaning formula makes life easy, regardless of the weather conditions or time of year. Muc-Off nano tech cleaner has an incredibly effective cleaning formula containing “Nano Technology” that also cares for your bike’s delicate finishes.

It contains no harmful acids, CFC’s or solvents, is NONTOXIC and fully biodegradable. It’s completely safe on anodising, paintwork, chrome, carbon fibre, suspension seals, rubber, disc Brake pads and more importantly to the user too! It cuts through dirt, oil and grime quickly and safely.

Box Contains

  • 1 x 1Ltr Muc-Off Biodegradable Bike Cleaner
  • 1 x 500ml Bike Spray 1 x Detailing Brush
  • 1 x Soft Washing Brush
  • 1 x Two Prong Brush
  • 1 x Claw Brush
  • 1 x Microcell Sponge
  • 1 x Parts Washer / Storage Tub
  • Muc-Off Biodegradable Bike Cleaner

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Gift ideas for SWIMMERS (inc. Triathletes)

Increase your stroke strength

Great gift for swimmers - swim mits

The Aqua Sphere Fitness Swim Gloves enhance your training by providing raised resistance while maintaining mobility of the hand

  • Designed to increase resistance and build strength
  • Constructed of flexible neoprene
  • Ideal for fitness swimming and aqua aerobics

View ALL Swim Mitts here

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Poolmate will count your lengths

Poolmate very populr swimmers gift

The Swimovate PoolMate2 swim sports watch is ideal for both open water and pool swimming with a swim pedometer mode that tracks speed and distance outdoors (prior calibration recommended). When used in pools, over 18m long, the device will show in big characters on the crystal glass face your speed, laps, distance, sets, strokes, calories, time and efficiency levels.

The extended battery life means it will last around 24 months and the useful 99 set chrono mode allows it to be used for other activities. There is memory for data from 50 sessions – individual sets and total session data – and other functions include 50m water resistance, a 24 hours clock and an alarms.

  • Stores over 50 sessions for recall, records individual sets and total session data
  • Swim pedometer mode for open water swimming (calibration recommended prior to use)
  • Pools over 18m (yards too), Chrono mode for timing other sports
  • Water resistant to 50m, 24 hour clock and alarm
  • Works with all major strokes straight out of the box

View MORE swimming watches here

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Bone conduction audio supremacy

No headphones required

Finis bone conduction swimmers music player

The Duo Is An Mp3 player designed for swimmers and offers the highest quality sound without the use of ear buds. The Duo utilizes a sleek, two-piece design and bone conduction audio transmission to deliver crystal clear audio through the cheekbones to the inner ear.

An integrated clip design secures the Duo to goggle straps to rest on the cheekbones for a comfortable and streamlined fit. A Simplified Interface offers four buttons to easily navigate between songs, podcasts, audiobooks and other supported audio files. The Duo supports unprotected Mp3 and wma Files. The included auxiliary USB cable allows for universal data transfers and charging. 4Gb of Flash Memory & a Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery life up to 7 Hours

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Panoramic Vision tinted swim goggles

Tinted high quality panoramic swim goggles

Zoggs Predator Flex Polarized Ultra swimming goggles feature copper polarized lenses to not only reduce glare but also cut-out blue light and as a result amplify light in darker overcast conditions, therefore providing enhanced visual sharpness and improved depth perception.

Recently awarded the Peak Performer Award from Triathlon Plus magazine, Predator Flex Polarized Ultra swimming goggles are the perfect addition to your training kit

  • Unique 4 Flexpoint technology, for enhanced frame flexibility offering super comfortable fit
  • Polarized ultra lenses reduce glare as well as amplifying the light in darker or overcast conditions
  • CLT Lenses – Panoramic vision with curved lens technology
  • Maximum UV400 protection against the sun
  • Anti-Fog fogbuster for fog free swimming

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