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Heal Force Portable ECG

  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 4.5 stars
£99 to £149
  • 80%

  • Ease of Use
    Editor: 90%
  • Battery Life
    Editor: 90%
  • ECG Acquisition (30 secs)
    Editor: 100%

As with all home use medical equipment, these portable ECG machines are not intended to replace professional medical diagnosis. This Heal Force 180 portable ECG machine has been reviewed by CardioCritic

It must not be used if you are fitted with a heart pacemaker.

This ECG monitor is FDA and CE Certified. The Heal Force brand is a cost effective alternative to the Omron ECG HCG 801. At the time of adding this product to the website it had 22 reviews with an average of 4/5 stars. 9 x 5/5 star ratings and 8 x 4/5 star ratings. Please note >> There are several variants of this Heal Force ECG monitor. We have listed details for the 180B and the 80A. The 180B uses USB cable for data extraction and performs a 30 second ECG recording. The PC-80A model comes with Bluetooth for wireless data sharing and the ability to perform BOTH a 30 second reading (like this 180B) and a continuous 10 hour recording (wired) …

180B portable ECG monitor - no wires recording method

Released > August 2012

Replaced > New Product

Suggested Retail price (at time of release) > £149.99

The 180B (same applies to the 80A) is a small, portable and easy to operate ECG monitors. It features a high resolution colour LCD display. Featuring rapid ECG & heart rate measurement recording a 30-second ECG waveform to the internal memory. The 180B (80A) ECG monitor has built-in contact electrodes on side of the device allowing it to measure your heart rate from three different areas; Palm, Leg, Chest.

If used at home, these ECG monitors can provide you and your doctor with relevant data on the most recent heart condition. If used in a health clinic or other medical center the 180B (PC-80A) can provide live measurement data of a patient’s current condition as well as monitor and record transient cardiac events.

Both models come complete with a USB cable so you can easily transfer your collected heart rate data to your Windows computer for detailed analysis using the included  ECGview software. The PC-80A also features Bluetooth 4.0 for a wireless connection to compatible devices.

  • Measurement of one channel ECG anytime anywhere
  • Gain mode available for signal amplification Analysis & report display of 17 types of ECG waveform
  • Memory storage and review of up to 300 records

Heal Force 180B Main Features

The 180B features a 30 second ECG trace recording with USB connected data sharing.



Specification Table – 180B


Heal Force PC-80A Main Features

If you want Bluetooth connectivity and/or Continuous Recording mode (up to 10 hours) then please consider this version, the PC-80A

Wireless Data Sharing

The PC-80A has the ability to transfer data to smartphone or computer (Windows) using Bluetooth 4.0. If you do NOT have a Bluetooth device you can always use the standard USB wired connection.


Two recording modes – 30 second & continuous

The PC-80A has the ability to record either a quick 30 second sample using the wireless contacts built-in to the unit or a continuous recording using the wires and sticky pads. Using the continuous method it is possible to record up to 10 hours activity. Enough for a single nights sleep for most people.


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PC-80A ECG Monitor Specification Table


How to Use the 180B / 80A

Wireless method 1 and 2


Using the ECG cables & pads – method 3


Key Features of the 180B and 80A

  • ECG waveform & Heart rate display
  • Battery indicator
  • LCD colour display
  • PC data management software for data transmission and analysis
  • Automatic power-off in case of no signal detected within 35 seconds
  • Optional 3-lead ECG cable

Included in packs (please check at point of purchase)

  • USB interface and data cable
  • ECG Viewer Software on mini-CD (Window only, not Mac)
  • Illustrated manual
  • Quick illustrated reference guide to ensure ease of use

The Best Blood Pressure Monitors

We are frequently asked whether these devices can also measure blood pressure. No, they can’t. These ECG devices monitor the electrical activity around the heart. A blood pressure monitor measures the diastolic & systolic blood pressure while the heart pumps and rests. CardioCritic has a selection of the best blood pressure monitors reviewed here

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