Headphones with Built-in Heart Rate

If you want freedom from a chest strap style heart rate monitor and generally train with your phone while listening to music ... these are for you. These clever Bluetooth headphones with infrared sensors that discretely and accurately acquire heart rate readings from inside the ear. This HR data is then transmitted to your smartphone running either the Jabra Sport app or any other popular sports training app. Other apps supported include Strava, Polar Beat, Endomondo etc.

HRM Headphone reviews by CardioCritic

  • Jabra Sport Pulse

    A great innovation for those who like to listen to music when training ... heart rate headphones. Also great for those who want audio prompts on heart rate effort throughout training. These Jabra Sport Pulse Bluetooth headphones acquire heart rate from an infrared sensor and transmit it to your preferred sports training app (Strava, Jabra, MapMyRide, Polar Beat etc) ....

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