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Heart Rate Monitor Training Books

A range of heart rate monitor training guides written by some of the most respected trainers and coaches with vast experience using HRM’s. We have been selling heart rate monitors since 1999 and it’s quite alarming how many people have them but simply do not know how to use them. All of the books on sale below are designed and written with one aim in mind, to help you get the very best training benefit from your new HRM. There’s no point in having a £350 HRM on your wrist, if you have no idea how to set up training zones, or how long to spend in different HR bands, or how to calculate your MaxHR, or determining your threshold heart rate, your zone 4 heart rate, your recovery HR zone etc.

If you want to browse a range of heart rate training guides, please have a look at the titles below currently on offer from Amazon in the UK. If you want to get a bit more information, please carry on down the page to take a peek at our latest reviews of some of the VERY BEST in HRM Training Guide Books.

FREE Online HRM Training Guides

If you would like to read some FREE online Heart Rate Monitor Training Guides, please consider the following quality resources (these links occasionally change, please let us know if the do not go anywhere, thank you.

  • MacMillan Cancer – Half Marathon Training Guide
  • Runner’s World – How to use a heart rate monitor guide
  • BikeRadar – Heart Rate Monitor training for Cyclists
  • StrengthRunning – Beginner’s Guide to HRM Training
  • Suunto – General Heart Rate Monitor Training
  • Joe Friel – How to Use a Heart Rate Monitor (Joe Friel)
  • Garmin – Training with a Heart Rate Monitor
  • FREE – Heart Rate Monitor Training Guide by Ken Maclaren

Joe Friel – Total Heart Rate Training Guide

Joe Friels Heart Rate Training Bible

Should we show bias? yes, that’s what we are here for. If you only buy one heart ratr training guide, please buy this one from Joe Friel. Joe is hardcore, fit as a butcher’s dog, been there and done that and get every T-shirt that has got a race worth doing on the front!

The big difference about this heart rate monitor training book and most other titles on the market is that Joe is still very much involved with training top level athletes. Because he is still here and now, Joe makes reference to power meters, GPS speed and distance monitors, accelerometers (foot pods) and everything else that can be used as a training aid. After reading this Total Heart Rate Training guide you will have a very clear understanding of what you want to achieve, how you are going to achieve it and how your heart rate monitor is going to help you get their. Joe is all about SMART training – the only way to train in my opinion.

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Heart Rate Monitor Book by Sally Edwards

Sally Edwards Heart Rate Monitor Training Guide

This was one of the very first Heart Rate Monitor book I read, and it is still, in my view, essential reading for anyone who wants to get the most from their HRM. Sally was a pioneer in heart rate monitoring and was a founder of the HeartZones brand spreading the word of effective heart rate training to all corners of the world.

Heart Rate Guide sells over 1 million copies

How many sports training guide books do you know that have sold over 1 million copies ? Well Sally’s Heart Rate Monitor Book has done just that. If you really want to maximise your heart rate training and increase your cardiac output, then please consider Sally’s book.

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Heart Rate Monitor Book for Cyclists

Heart Rate Monitor Training Book for Cyclists

The first thing to notice about this book is the name of one of the authors… yes it’s her again, the infamous Sally Edwards. Sally Edwards and Sally Reid have combined years of training knowledge around top level cyclists and their extensive understanding of heart rate monitors to write this splendid guidebook for cyclists interested in using a heart rate monitor. Even if you’ve been using an HRM for years, and been cycling since you were a youngster on your first Raleigh racer, there is information and training tips in this book that will bring a fresh approach to your training.

25 Workouts and Three HR Training Levels in one Guide

What the two Sally’s do here is split us up in to three training levels, a bit like newbie, moderate and superhuman. For each of these levels of training they help us to understand our 5 heart rate training zones. Once we know which training level we are, and the HR zones we should be operating in, they then guide us to specific workouts. A grerat book, very easy to understand.

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