Fitness Watch Selection Form

Every day more than a dozen people use this form to help them choose the perfect fitness watch. I have been reviewing heart rate monitors since 1999 and I’ve personally tested over 250 fitness watches from 13 brands. Let me help you make the right decision when it comes to purchasing your next fitness watch. REMEMBER, we do NOT sell directly. You can rest assured you’ll receive a genuine and impartial recommendation.

Which Heart Rate Monitor is Best for YOU?

Please use this form below to help us to help you choose the best heart rate monitor / fitness watch for your needs and budget. The more you tell me, the better the fit. A majority of forms are replied to within 24 hours, but please give me a couple of days before chasing me up.

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What's your PRIMARY activity. What do you spend MOST your time doing. If MULTISPORT, please say tell me now

What other activites do you partake in - in particular swimming, biking, running, orienteering and navigational sports

Do you need SPEED and DISTANCE data? If YES, highly accurate (GPS) or just reasonable accuracy (accelerometers)

Do you want Heart Rate Training Zone alarms to keep you working at a specific HR intensity eg. 55-65% max HR for fat burning? If YES... how many ZONES do you want to train in?

Do you want TRAINING LOAD / RECOVERY feedback. You only really need this is you train nearly every day, or over VERY LONG duration (4 - 6 hours at a time)

Are you happy to have a CHEST STRAP? (if you want TRAINING LOAD, you NEED to have one)

Do you want to upload data to a smartphone APP?

Do you want to receive Smartphone notifications?

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