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Cardio Critic BLOG

Thank you for visiting our BLOG page. Here you will find the latest news, reviews and product release information with occasional training tips, special offers and much more. If you want to tell us about ANYTHING related to heart rate monitor products or training for inclusion in our Blog, please CONTACT US

  • 3 Sessions to Improve your FTP

    improve your FTP here
    Any competitive cyclist aims at improving their FTP. The Functional Threshold Power is the benchmark of a cyclists performance. This great article from James Walsgrove at Ride Harder details 3 x excellent training sessions aimed at improving your FTP …..
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  • 5 Tips To Getting In Shape In 2018 [EFFECTIVE TIPS!]

    Your body contributes greatly to your personal perception and self-esteem. It’s easy to give up on your body and let the guard down on how you take care of it which will result in a bad physique and possible health problems. As such, you need to make the decision to get in shape this year…
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  • Abdominal Training Tips

    Bob Wood on Evidence Based Abdominal Training
    Every week I seem to see another advert on TV for some exercise equipment guaranteed to give me the sixpack I always dreamt of. Magazines are packed with “different” abdominal training programs. Do they work? Where’s the research and evidence to back up these claims. If you want to work your abdominal muscles and improve your CORE FITNESS you don’t need a new bit of gym kit. Bob Wood from Physical Solutions gives an evidence based Abdominal Workout relevant for ALL sports ….
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  • Press Release – Garmin Edge 130

    Another new Garmin GPS bike computer announced today, April 18th 2018. The Garmin Edge 130 is a small but powerful GPS bike computer that utilises 3 x navigation satellites – GPS, GLONASS and Galileo – ensuring superb accuracy and coverage. The Edge 130 features a 1.8″ sunlight readable display, 5 x operation buttons (no touch screen – phew) and easy to use navigation features like trendline route planning (using Garmin Connect BEFORE riding) …
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  • The Top 4 Things You Should Have in a Home Gym

    Having a home gym is a dream for most people; the reason for this is because of the convenience that it creates. This is because you can fit working out quite easily into your schedule, plus you can set your home gym up the way you like it with a stereo and anything else that…
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  • Things You Should Know About Nerve Treatment

    Nerve pain is a disorder that causes many to feel lonely. It has significant side effects including becoming unproductive and the feeling of lacking the essence of life. The pain that you feel is because of a damaged nervous system; hence, it sends wrong signals to the brain, which is the pain that you feel…
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  • 30% of HELMETS (Ribble Voucher)

    30% off HELMETS at most regional RIBBLE stores (sorry, not in the USA or Canada though). Please click here for more details of this 30% off Helmets VOUCHER CODE (expires Feb 26th 2018) ….
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  • 30% off SHOES (Ribble Voucher)

    Need some new cycling shoes? If so, there has never been a better time to buy Sidi, Shimano, Giro and more top cycling shoe brands from Ribble. Please click here for more details of this 30% off Cycling Shoes VOUCHER CODE (expires Feb 26th 2018) ….
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  • Wiggle UK Offers – February 2018

    February 2018 - Wiggle Special Offers
    February is often a great time to buy new kit. Following the spending sprees of Christmas and New Year, the stores are desperate for sales. Wiggle have some great offers this February (UK only) …
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  • Garmin Edge 820 (Voucher Code)

    Voucher Code - Garmin Edge 820 - 5% off
    Save a further 5% off the Garmin Edge 820. That will save you almost £88. UK only – VOUCHER CODE details here (expires 28th February 2018) ….
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