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Interval Training made EASY

Interval Training should be an integral part of all serious athletes training programmes. Intervals put the body under stress for a short period of time, normally at a pace/speed ABOVE (faster than) your objective racing pace. After the WORK interval there is a period of REST. When adequately recovered (but not FULLY recovered) there is another period of WORK.. followed by REST. The precise number of repetitions is determined by the objective of the training session. Long speed/endurance training sessions may involve just 3 or 4 intervals with shorter recoveries. Shorter speed sessions may involve anything from 4 or 5 to 10 intervals with a longer recovery between each to ensure maximum power can be achieved by interval.

Phased Intervals with Polar Flow

The Polar Flow web-service supports PHASED intervals for the Polar M400, M430 and V800 GPS sports watches and the M450 and V650 GPS bike computers.  The image below is taken from my FAVOURITES section of the Polar Flow web-service. In this area you store your preferred training PLANS and ROUTES (for V800 and V650 only).

Interval Sessions and GPX route import features of the V800

Polar Flow – setting up an Interval Session – Training Targets.

To create a NEW training target from the Polar Flow service (diary) simply select NEW TARGET. Then you have the choice of QUICK / RACE PACE or PHASED. The Quick target is either – distance, time or calories based. There’s no pacing target it’s simply you may want to burn 500 calories in a session, or walk 3 miles or jog for 20 minutes. The Race Pace (something you can set up manually in the watch) is a speed and distance GOAL. Eg. You may want to run 5K in 23 minutes. The Phased Target can be a technical series of EFFORTS and RECOVERIES either time or distance based, with a pre-defined WARM UP and COOL DOWN.

The one above is 4 x 1 mile intervals (at HR Zone 3/4) with a 5 min recovery (at HR Zone 1/2) between each. I could have set the recovery/effort to be either HR or PACE controlled and either distance target or timed for phase duration, eg. recover in heart rate zone 1-2 for 5 minutes or recover at running speed zone 2 for 1 mile, same for effort phase. It could be effort in speed zone 4 for 2 miles, or effort between speed zone 3-4 for 20 minutes or similar.

Any training targets you define here can be FAVOURITED. This means they are saved in your favourites on both the web-service and in your V800. To perform one in the future, just pull it up from the favourites option in the watch. No messing.

Example of Interval session POST training on Polar Flow

This is what this 4 x 1 mile interval looks like when uploaded to Polar Flow web-service. If you’d like to view the full session you can do here – Polar Interval Session example. The same level of detail would be achieved from the Polar M400,  M450 or V650.

Polar fitness products - setting up Interval training

Polar Flow webervice summary of interval training

Polar Products that support Phased Targets

The following products support PHASED TARGETS with speed/pace and distance targets. They are available to buy from our online shopping partners. Please visit each REVIEW link for the lowest prices, best online deals and more information.


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