Letscom Fitness Trackers

At CardioCritic we have the pleasure of testing some of the VERY best fitness trackers and heart rate monitors available. However, we also get to test some unreliable and poor quality fitness watches, often cheap and unbranded units direct from China. Letscom is ANYTHING but. Their fitness trackers offer excellent value for money, ease of use and HIGH levels of accuracy and reliability.

Letscom Reviews

  • Letscom ID101HR Fit Band

    LESS than £30

    An affordable, accurate and easy to use alternative to Fitbit, Garmin and other similar more expensive Fitness Trackers. The Letscom ID101HR features all the essential features of more expensive alternatives including wrist based heart rate, daily step tracking with calories burnt and distance travelled. At this price it's excellent value for money ...

    Reviewed by CardioCritic

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