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Medical Heart Rate Monitoring

Cardio Critic is in the process of adding reviews for heart rate monitor products that are more MEDICALLY focused. This area will include reviews of the best portable ECG monitors, pulse oximeters (finger clip), fetal doppler monitors (baby’s heart rate) & blood pressure monitors. More to come very soon …

Portable ECG Monitors

If you are concerned about the health of your heart your first stop MUST be your doctor. Assuming you have made that visit and you’re now looking for a portable ECG machine that can be used to collect medically accepted ECG traces then please browse this small selection of personal ECG monitors. We recommend either the Kardia Mobile EKG machine as the best value for money medically certified device.

the best portable ECG monitors

Blood Pressure Monitors

Since establishing Cardio Critic (was in 1999 this is the one product I get asked about the most.  Blood pressure increases each time the heart beats (systolic) and it decreases when the heart relaxes (diastlolic). Your blood pressure can change continually throughout the day, almost minute by minute, however, it should normally be less than 120/80 mm Hg for an adult age 20 or over. A good quality, reliable, blood pressure monitor is available from £20 to £100. The world’s most popular brand is OMRON, we have reviewed several OMRON and some excellent value for money alternative monitors …

The best value blood pressure monitors

Fetal Heart Rate Monitors

I’m the lucky father of two perfect daughters. I admit that I was one of those permanently fretting parents that needed reassuring the developing baby was healthy. Fetal heart rate monitors give assurance and confidence that your baby is fit and healthy. It’s something I really enjoyed, listening to my baby’s heart rate, as she grew in her mummy’s tummy. Considerably cheaper than they were 10 years ago and far easier to use with much better pick up this range of fetal doppler monitors will satisfy even the most nervous parent … COMING SOON

The best fetal doppler heart rate monitors

Pulse Oximeters

Being an asthma sufferer for over 2 decades I know how scary it is when you know you’re not getting enough oxygen to your blood. A Pulse Oximeter is a device that measures the proportion of oxygenated haemoglobin in the blood. It normally takes the form of a finger clip or ear clip device. Pulse Oximetry monitoring should be part of the management strategy for anyone with respiratory health / COPD sufferers. What was initially the reserve of health care professionals is now available for home use at under £50 … COMING SOON

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