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Mio Heart Rate Monitors

NEW 2017 >> Mio have released the World's First fitness band with PAI score - the Mio Slice

The Pioneers of strapless Heart Rate Monitoring

For several years Liz and her team at MioGlobal developed the products we have today. It's thanks to Liz's perseverance and innovation that we now have ECG accurate optical heart rate monitoring taken directly off the wrist without the need of a CHEST STRAP. Thank you Liz and team, we salute your work and give high praise to the freedom your product has given to this market ...

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Introducing PAI

Not a company to sit back on their laurels we now have another major innovation in fitness tracking. The Mio Slice is the world's first fitness band to include PAI technology. PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) is a measure of heart rate throughout the day. Rather than simply count daily steps, the Mio Slice wants to see periods of elevated heart rate and awards your PAI score based on that.

Mio Watch Reviews

  • Mio Slice with PAI

    World First with PAI

    The world's first activity tracker to feature PAI. The Mio Slice utilises a Personal Activity Intelligence score as a measure of heart rate intensity throughout the day. Mio haven't realeased a new product since the Mio Fuse in 2014, the Mio Slice was worth waiting for. It illustrates Mio's innovative approach to fitness tracking  ...

    Reviewed by CardioCritic

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  • Mio Fuse

    A well made and functional activity tracker. With the Mio Fuse you get 24/7 activity monitoring with heart rate when you want it without the need for a chest strap. Steps, Distance, Daily Goals, Heart Rate Zone Training and interface with most new Android and iOs Phones and Tablets. Can also broadcast HR to ANT+ and Bluetooth devices ...

    Reviewed by CardioCritic

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  • Mio Link Review

    The Mio Link is simply a strapless heart rate monitor that picks up HR data from the wrist. It then sends that data to any compatible devices like Smartphones (iOs and Android), Polar V800 & M400 (using Bluetooth 4.0), Garmin Edge (using ANT+).. NO MORE CHEST STRAP ....

    Reviewed by CardioCritic

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  • Mio Alpha 2

    With STRAPLESS heart rate monitoring this new HRM is supported by a very comprehensive and easy to use Android and iPhone APP. The Mio Alpha 2 has a built in HRM sensor on the back of the watch, so no need for a chest strap, it also features a sensitive 3 axis accelerometer that gives remarkably accurate speed, distance and pace feedback WITHOUT GPS ...

    Reviewed by CardioCritic

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