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The Mio Link is a wristband worn primarily to provide heart rate data to third party products like Polar VR800 (via BlueTooth 4.0), Garmin Edge 810 (via ANT+) and Smartphones APPS like Strava, MapMyRide etc – WITHOUT the need of a chest strap. The Mio Link picks up your heart rate DIRECTLY from the blood pump detected in the wrist. If you’re not such a fan of the chest strap, this strapless, wrist based heart rate sensor is an excellent option. The Mio Link has been reviewed by Tristan Haskins

Mio Link Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

NEW PRODUCT ALERT > In Feb 2017 Mio released the Mio Slice. The Slice is the world’s first activity tracker to include PAI, that’s Personal Activity Intelligence. Rather than “just” count steps, the Mio Slice wants to see elevated heart rate at regular periods throughout the day. As with all Mio’s products is features WRIST BASED heart rate. If you are looking for a motivational, innovative, stylish, water resistant fitness tracker then you may want to consider the world’s first PAI powered fitness band – the Mio Slice.

Although we haven’t tested the Mio Link, we have tested the Mio Fuse and we were 97% pleased with the accuracy and convenience of this product. For several decades everyone has been asking for a strapless heart rate monitor, thanks to the clever team at MioGlobal, we now have a whole line up of them

If you don’t know Mio, you really should. They are the innovators behind optical heart rate sensors and they have lead the field for several years…. so much so that the Garmin Forerunner 225 has Mio’s HR sensor built-in to the watch … (Garmin now have their own Elevate wrist based system)

Next model UP

The next model up is the Mio Fuse (or the Velo). The Velo is the same as the Link but it additionally collects bike speed and pedal cadence sensor from other third party sensors installed on the bike. The Fuse on the other hand adds a display for direct feedback off your wrist. The Fuse also includes an activity tracker with GOAL BAR to show your progression to achieving your daily steps/activity target. The Mio Fuse is one of our personal favourites for many reasons.. please read the Fuse review for more details

Mio Fuse

Next model DOWN

There is no model down from the Mio Link…. The link is the entry level product in Mio’s strapless heart rate monitoring range.

Mio Link

Get the best PRICE

If you’ve already got a receiving unit like a Garmin Edge, Forerunner, Polar V800, M400, Smartphone with Strava etc and want to add heart rate WITHOUT a chest strap, then the LINK is perfect for you. It’s easy to use, comfortable, discrete, light, accurate and it works a treat.

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PAI on the Link

The Mio Link cannot display your PAI score, but it is available via the Mio PAI 1 app following upload of training data. PAI is a more effective way of measuring daily activity by analysing heart rate intensity during the day, not JUST counting steps. More details on PAI and how it works can be found here.

the Mio Link supports PAI after download to the PAI 1 App

Video Presentation by MioGlobal

Mio Comparison Table

Still undecided which Mio heart rate monitor product is best for you? Maybe this comparison table courtesy of MioGlobal might help.

Mio Strapless Heart Rate Solutions Comparison tableMio Strapless Heart Rate Solutions Comparison table 2