New Product – Polar M460 Announced

If anyone has read my review of the Polar M450 they will know that I hold it in the highest regard. Well, it’s with great pleasure that I can announce the release of a new GPS bike computer from Polar. The Polar M460 has just been launched and it looks to be everything I was looking for with regard to improvements over the M450 (not that there was much to improve!)

The new Polar M460 - a subtle improvement on the Polar M450

New GPS Bike Computer, the Polar M460

The new Polar M460 is equipped with integrated GPS, additional power meter compatibility, advanced power metrics and smart coaching. A significant new feature is the addition of Strava Live Segments. This puts the M460 right up there with the Garmin Edge 520 as a performance monitoring GPS bike computer for the masses. It includes smartphone (iOs and Android) notifications for all the normal annoyances eg. incoming calls, texts, calendar alerts and (anti)social media updates.

Real Buttons. The Polar M460 has proper buttons for easy navigation
The Polar M460 is £154.50 and is available with the new Polar-H10 for £199.50 and includes a two-month Strava Premium membership

Polar M460 with Live Strava Segments

  New Product - the Polar M460 GPS bike computer with Strava Segments

More details and Polar M460 review to follow shortly ….

Press Release

Here’s a short excerpt from the Press Release of the Polar M460

“Cyclists rely on accurate data to not only track, but improve their performance, and Polar has used its industry leading technology, combined with passion for constantly improving cyclists’ performance, to develop an incredibly advanced bike computer. When a cyclist is equipped with data that is not only expansive and in-depth, but accurate, they are then equipped to set and achieve personal goals that encourage peak performance.”  

Full Polar M460 Press Release here on website


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