New TomTom Sports Watch

New TomTom GPS sports watch coming out in the next 3 or 4 weeks. Their media campaign for the new TomTom [insert name here] is quite cool. If you want a taste of things to come you could try this video… but be warned, they’re not giving very much away !

Public Launch September 2016

The UK company responsible for their marketing has suggested a public launch in Berlin on Sept 1st and then on to London for a press release on Sept 8th. We have been assured an early sample for test and review and can’t wait to get our hands on another great new TomTom GPS sports watch :-)


They do have a website for the new product, but just like the video, don’t expect to gather too much information. I have even tried scanning the source code for image names and other hidden content, but NOTHING !

Coming very soon. TomTom GPS sports watch

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