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CardioCritic’s aim is to give visitors the heads up on the latest & greatest fitness products. In this NEWS section we post alerts on the newest product releases from the biggest brands including Fitbit, Polar, Garmin, Suunto, Mio and Timex. We have an interest in all fitness trackers, heart rate monitors and cardio healthcare products such as Blood Pressure monitors and personal use ECG devices.

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Garmin Forerunner 935 Announced

Garmin Forerunner 935 GPS sports watch

If you’ve been trying to decide between the Garmin Fenix 5 and a Garmin Forerunner 735XT … your decision making is over. Welcome the new Garmin Forerunner 935. Taking the best features from both the Fenix 5 and Forerunner 735XT with a whopping 24 hour battery life in HRM & GPS mode ….

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New Product – Polar M460 Announced

Another new product from Polar. The new Polar M460 GPS bike computer adds a few subtle improvements to the Polar M450. Key new features include LIVE Strava Segments and advanced cycling power metrics ….

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Polar M430 Announced

News - Polar release new Polar M430 running watch

News just in from Polar Finland is the announcement of their latest GPS running watch with WRIST BASED heart rate technology. The Polar M430 has been released and looks like it could well the the permanent successor to the Polar M400 ….

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Suunto release Spartan Sport HR

NEWS - Suunto release the Spartan Sport HR with Valancell heart rate sensors

It’s here … Suunto’s first ever GPS sports watch with OFF the WRIST heart rate monitoring. The new Suunto Spartan Sport HR utilises Valancell’s biometric heart rate sensors to provide accurate heart rate, 24/7, directly from the wrist.

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Fitbit release the Alta HR

Reviewed - the Fitbit Alta HR

According to Fitbit it’s what everyone has been asking for – Heart Rate monitoring on the Fitbit Alta. On March 7th Fitbit announced the release of their latest fitness tracker the Fitbit Alta HR utilising Fitbit’s Pure Pulse heart rate sensors …

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Polar H10 HR sensor announced

NEW - Polar H10 heart rate sensor replacing the H7

The Polar H7 Bluetooth heart rate sensor has been hugely popular. The new H10 does everything the H7 could plus it now supports GoPro Hero 4 & 5 cameras. This has been made possible by the H10’s ability to connect with 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time …

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NEW PRODUCT – Kardia Mobile

NEWS – in the office this week is this innovative ECG sensor. The Kardia Mobile is NICE and FDA approved ECG/EKG sensor that pairs with your iOs or Android device ….

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Mio Slice UK release

New - the Mio Slice with PAI

I have received my test sample of the Mio Slice an innovative fitness tracker from Mio. What makes the Slice different from all the other fitness trackers is it’s PAI score – that’s Personal Activity Intelligence …

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Jawbone winding down wearables

After leading the way in Fitness Tracking wearables for over 5 years it comes as a surprise to hear they are winding down production of their consumer products …

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Suunto Spartan Customisation

Suunto Spartan - Sport Mode customisation

Suunto Spartan gets Sport Mode Training Page customisation. Create a NEW Sport Mode and you can now have the data YOU want to see on each page. It’s not quite perfect, but it’s much better …

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Jabra Sport Pulse – NEW

New product - Jabra Sport Pulse heart rate headphones

I have been aware of this product for some time but never had the pleasure of testing them. A quick email to the UK distributor and a few days later a pair of Jabra Sport Pulse headphones has arrived for testing …

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All videos on ONE page ..

Just a quick update on my video reviews. I have conveniently added all my video reviews to a single page …

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Polar M200 Accuracy Tests

Polar M200 Heart Rate accuracy tests

The new Polar M200 uses the LED sensors on the back of the watch to acquire heart rate. This heart rate accuracy tests highlights the accuracy of the Polar M200 when compared to the Polar H7 chest sensor and a Polar M450 ..

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New – Garmin Fenix 5

Press Release - Garmin Fenix 5 coming soon

Garmin have announced the release of their latest model in the supremely popular Fenix range. Following from the Fenix 3 the new Garmin Fenix 5 will be available soon. Why No Fenix 4?  in Chinese the number 4 is pronounced “Si” very similar to the word for “death” …

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Pebble sold to Fitbit

It’s with a heavy heart that I can confirm the sale of the innovative and crowdfunded company Pebble to Fitbit. Pebble produced some groundbreaking smartwatches and had some great products lined up for 2017. It’s a sad day to see them go. Thanks Eric Migicovsky for the opportunity to purchase alternatives to the mainstream products.

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Suunto Spartan Android ready

Suunto Movescount and the Suunto Spartan Sport and Ultra watches have received firmware upgrades that now support connection to Android smartphones. Movescount initially only worked to iPhone for Spartan users. This compatibility to Android phones is a welcome upgrade …

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Chest Strap versus Wrist Based Heart Rate

Here are the results of tests 3 and 4. The objective of all these tests is to see how reliable and accurate the new wrist based (pulse taken from the wrist with optical LED sensors) heart rate monitors are compared to the traditional chest strap style HR sensors like the Polar H7 and the BlueLeza…

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Chest Strap v Wrist Based HR Accuracy

Introduction I am lucky, I get to test some of the very best heart rate monitor watches on the market. I quickly know which will be best sellers and which will fail to appeal. Often their success or failure is a result of the watch’s heart rate functionality and accuracy. A few years ago Mio…

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Suunto Spartan has arrived …

NEWS - Suunto Spartan Sport tests complete

Looking for a GPS equipped, 24/7 activity tracking, heart rate monitor watch in a tough, lightweight polyamide case, protected behind a mineral crystal glass, then I think you might like the new Suunto Spartan Sport and Suunto Spartan Ultra, REVIEWED HERE.

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£516 for Cancer Research

Faith raising money for Cancer Research

One of our customers and his daughter, Faith Middleton, have just completed the Great North Run and Junior 4K run raising over £500 for Cancer Research. Read more here …

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Polar M400 in RED

Polar M400 GPS running watch now available in RED

Our most popular GPS runners watch with traditional heart rate strap, activity tracker and fitness tests is now available in a very attractive RED. This new red design will replace the obsoleted PINK version of the Polar M400

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Garmin Vivosmart HR+ arrived …

Garmin Vivosmart HR+ on test this month

It’s going to be a busy month. With new arrivals from Suunto, TomTom and Garmin. Our friends at Garmin have sent us a Vivosmart HR+ to review throughout September. A very compact activity tracker with built-in GPS and heart rate monitor.

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Garmin Vivomove has arrived

Testing Soon - Garmin Vivomove

For the customer who wants a TRADITIONAL style analogue watch with real hands … and a built-in STEP counter and MOVE bar to keep you active throughout the day. The Garmin Vivomove is available in several stylish colours including all black, gold and silver with a variety of straps to suit.

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TomTom Touch released

New - TomTom Touch with body composition analysis

The first ever Fitness Band / Activity Tracker with BUILT-IN Body Composition Analysis. The TomTom Touch uses BIA technology to give body fat and muscle density percentages.

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Suunto Spartan available September

The drop dead gorgeous, super tough, all singing all dancing GPS wonder watch is coming very soon. The Suunto Spartan is available in several models from the Sport to the Ultra. We’ve not yet tested one, but we hope to very soon. If you want one, we’d recommend pre-ordering NOW ….

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Polar Finland announce M600

The Polar M600 looks to be a cross between the sleek and stylish Polar A360 with off the wrist heart rate sensors and the practical and functional Polar M400 with built-in GPS. It’s an all colour GPS HRM smartwatch powered by Android Wear… and we CANNOT wait to get our hands on it !!

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New TomTom Sports Watch

There will be a press release in Berlin Sept 1st and London Sept 8th announcing the launch of a new TomTom GPS sports watch. TomTom are keep this release close to their chests so we are expecting something rather impressive.

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220 Triathlon “Best on Test” M450

Best on Test award for Polar M450 from 220 Triathlon magazine

The Polar M450 has been awarded the Best on Test for 2016 GPS Bike Computers scoring a highly deserved 90%. It would have been higher if the tester had known how to customise the M450’s displays.

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Garmin Forerunner 735XT Launched

Garmin Forerunner 735XT review

The Garmin Forerunner 735XT is available now from WIGGLE only. Please visit this short blog post for details of Garmin’s first dedicated TRIATHLON watch with BUILT-IN heart rate monitor sensors. This new Forerunner 735XT uses Garmin’s ELEVATE off the wrist optical HR technology making HR tracking that bit easier…

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BlueLeza – Bluetooth & ANT+

BlueLeza Bluetooth ANT+ heart rate belt - product test coming soon

Coming soon .. a product test of the BlueLeza HRM chest strap. A clever heart rate sensor that transmits in BOTH Bluetooth 4.0 (Android & iPhones) and also ANT+ (Garmin devices) > CLICK Here

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Fitbit Blaze Test is complete …

Comparison Table - Fitbit Surge, Charge HR and Blaze

The Fitbit Blaze is a proper smartwatch. The Charge HR and Surge have smart notifications and Bluetooth connectivity, but they’re not really SMARTwatches. The Blaze is >> BLOG HERE

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Music While you Workout

TomTom Spark / Runner2 with music and heart rate

The TomTom Runner 2 or TomTom Spark as it is also known comes in 6 different packages and 2 sizes. I have had the pleasure of testing the top of the range TomTom Runner 2 Cardio + Music.

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Fitbit Alta – stylish activity tracker

Fitbit Alta review

Fitbit have released their latest product in their growing range of 24/7 activity tracking wristbands – we welcome the new Fitbit Alta

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Review – Garmin Vivosmart HR

Garmin Vivosmart HR - strapless heart rate monitor / activity band

If you are in the market for a new activity tracker and have been considering the Fitbit Charge HR or the Polar A360 then please also take a minute to read the review of the Vivosmart HR >> BLOG here

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Fitbit Fitness products added to site

It took much longer than we had planned, but we are pleased to announce we now have Fitbit on the website ! Please pop over to their brand page for the latest news, reviews and product tests on the Fitbit Fitness Trackers and Sports Watches. >> BLOG HERE

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History of a Running Watch

This is a MUST READ for anyone thinking of buying a Garmin Forerunner. Don’t get an outdated model unless it fits your needs and budget. This timeline of the world’s best GPS running watch is here to help you make an informed choice. All models from the 101 in 2003 to the latest products.

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Polar’s new M450 bike computer

Polar M450 tested and reviewed by Tristan Haskins

The latest introduction to Polar’s growing range of GPS bike computers. The Polar M450 is here and ready to take on the Edge 25 and other leading GPS bike computers in the £100 to £150 range.

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Polar A300 Video Review

Activity Bar on Polar A300

Video review of the Polar A300 now live on YouTube

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50% Suunto Ambit2 Sport !!

If you like to bike, run and swim then this is an offer too good to refuse. Save 50% off the Suunto Ambit2 S for a VERY LIMITED time only.

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Underwater Heart Rate Recording

Garmin HRM-tri and HRM-swim for swimming heart rate

Swimmers / Triathletes, finally, Garmin have caught up with Polar and Suunto with the introduction of the HRM-swim and HRM-tri for heart rate monitoring UNDERWATER. More details available here

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