Garmin Vivosport – Press Release

Press Release – August 31st 2017

New Product Announcement – Garmin Vivosport – GPS fitness tracker with wrist based Heart Rate

Price – $199

The new Garmin Vivosport Fitness Tracker with GPS and Heart Rate

In a week that has seen the release of the new Fitbit Ionic it’s a little bit harsh to see their thunder stolen by Garmin with not one but THREE new products. Such is life when competing for the No1 position in the fitness wearables market. The Garmin Vivosport discussed here, the Garmin Vivomove HR and the Vivoactive 3 fitness smartwatch are all set to keep the competition hot for 2017 and well in to 2018

 Garmin Vivosport showing 24/7 heart rate monitoring with 7 day resting heart rate average

What is the Vivosport

The new Garmin Vivosport is a combination of everything good from the Garmin Vivosmart 3 and the Garmin Vivosmart HR+. Essentially it’s a smart fitness tracker equipped with built-in GPS, wrist based heart rate utilizing Garmin Elevate and a bright full colour Garmin Chromo display. With a 7 day battery life in smartwatch mode and the ability to support 8 hours of GPS training it shouldn’t spend too much time on the charger.

Garmin Vivosport rear view showing Garmin Elevate heart rate sensors

Main Features and Functions

The list of features found on the Vivosport will send a shiver down the spine of the developers of other fitness trackers. Everything about it exudes quality and an obvious desire to give the customer what they’ve been asking for. It is quite clear that Garmin’s marketing department have been attentively listening to feedback on forums and such like. The Vivosport really will be the fitness tracker that all other brands aspire to well in to 2018


  • 7 day battery life in smartphone connected mode – 8 hours GPS life
  • ULTRA slim (no uncomfortable HR sensor bubble like the Vivosmart HR)
  • Garmin Chromo full colour display
  • Built-in sports apps including running, cycling, cardio, strength training and more
  • SWIM proof (30m water resistancy)
  • Built-in GPS
  • Optimised for both indoor and outdoor exercise modes
  • 24/7 heart rate tracking giving access to VO2 Max Fitness testing, all day Stress Testing
  • Four Fold Breath – a breathing and relaxation function similar to that found in Fitbit Charge 2, Blaze etc
  • Garmin Move IQ will automatically classifies popular sports and give you credit from them in Garmin Connect app
  • Smartphone notifications and alerts

Full Colour Garmin Chromo display

Garmin Vivosport showing default time of day screen with MOVEBAR progress, battery level, alarm etc

Accurate Heart Rate and GPS speed / pace feedback

Garmin Vivosport showing running pace and heart rate

Ultra Slim design

Garmin Vivosport viewed from the side - look, no ugly HRM sensor lump

Garmin Vivosport REVIEW coming soon …

Garmin Fitness Age and VO2 Max

Garmin Vivosport showing your VO2 Max score with fitness feedback

Smartphone Notifications and Alerts

Garmin Vivosport showing a smartphone notification alert


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