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New – Garmin VIRB 360 Camera

Garmin have released their latest product in their range of HD personal action camera. The Garmin VIRB 360 does exactly what you’d expect it to with that name. It records 360 degree Video and 360 degree Audio. Never again will you miss that classic action shot because your camera was pointing the wrong way. With the VIRB 360 every precious second from every precious angle will be recorded. The video is simply edited using the free Garmin VIRB mobile app or their VIRB desktop software. One of the key features of the VIRB is it’s Spherical Stabilized 4K Video with just one click (see video example below showing stabilized versus non-stabilized)

VIRB 360 gives all round VIDEO

VIRB 360 for 360 degree Sound

Garmin VIRB 360 Key Features

  • Resolution – up to 5.7K/30fps unstitched and 4K/30fps with in-camera stitching(¹)
  • 4 built-in microphones capture 360-degree audio
  • 4K spherical stabilization² ensures a smooth video regardless of camera movement
  • Built-in sensors provide G-Metrix™ data overlays in 360-degree augmented reality(³)
  • Easy-to-use, free VIRB® Mobile app and VIRB® Edit desktop software let you edit, stabilize, share and add data overlays to videos
  • Constantly record for more than 1 hour on 1 charge(4) — without overheating

360 Degree Video Example

To fully understand just HOW CLEVER this camera is watch the video below on a TABLET or PHONE. Move around and look at whatever you want to !!

Video Example showing 4K Spherical Stabilization

Garmin Press Release

Garmin spokesperson at their news room said

“The VIRB 360 lets you relive personal experiences and share them with your friends – from a different point of view, every single time,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “VIRB 360 owners will no longer need to worry about trying to capture the perfect angle or setting up the perfect shot. The camera’s easy-to-use feature set will make even the most inexperienced users look like experts.”  full Garmin VIRB 360 PRESS RELEASE here

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(1) On-device stitching only up to 4K/30fps
(3) G-Metrix augmented reality overlays are added using mobile or desktop app before sharing
(4) 4K stitched-in-camera default setting

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