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Suunto finally get Heart Rate Zones

At long last, Suunto are giving all their fitness watch range Heart Rate Training Zones. It looks like they are giving their watches the normal 5 x HR zones, as per Polar and Garmin. It’s something that many people like to train within, a simple and safe way to train the different systems of the body. If you’re new to Heart Rate Training then pop over to our article with Heart Rate Zone Calculator and predicted Maximum HR tool

Suunt Fitness Watches get Heart Rate Zones x 5

This is what Suunto had to say today

Suunto Software Update Brings HR Zones to all Suunto Spartan Watches

HR Zones in Suunto Spartan watches help improve your performance 

Training intensity is one of the most important factors for improving performance, and to train at the correct intensity level, you need to monitor heart rate during exercise.

Quick Firmware Update

This software update brings heart rate zones to all Suunto Spartan watches, providing you information about your current intensity level with just a quick glance. While exercising, you can see in real-time how long you have spent in each HR zone and how many beats you have in reserve until you move on to the next. After the exercise, a breakdown of the time in each zone is displayed in the summary.

Heart Rate Training for ALL Suunto Watches - finally

5 x Heart Rate Zones

The update introduces five HR zones. as well as new settings for max. and rest HR. In addition to the default zones, you can define special zones for running and cycling activities. The software update will be rolled out in phases, starting from January 18th and will be distributed to the entire Spartan community by Monday, January 22nd.


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