Pebble sold to Fitbit

Posted > Dec 9th 2016

The innovative and mostly crowdfunded company Pebble has been bought by Fitbit. I will remove the Pebble brand from this website with a sad and heavy heart. I have no affiliation with the company but I respected their innovation, ethic and business model.

Fitbit Press Release > HERE

Pebble Press Release > HERE

Pebble watches sold to Fitbit

This information is courtesy of Pebble’s own Blog

Dear Pebblers,

Thank you all for being such loyal supporters and champions of the Pebble community and brand. You helped start something fantastic when you backed our first Kickstarter project (and shout-out to the first inPulse users). Since then, we’ve shipped over 2 million Pebbles around the world!

However—due to various factors—Pebble is no longer able to operate as an independent entity. We have made the tough decision to shut down the company and no longer manufacture Pebble devices. This news has several major implications, and we hope to answer as many questions as possible here, in Kickstarter Update #17, and on our Support site.

What you need to know

  • Pebble is no longer promoting, manufacturing, or selling any devices.
  • Pebble devices will continue to work as normal. No immediate changes to the Pebble user experience will happen at this time.
  • Pebble functionality or service quality may be reduced in the future.
  • Kickstarter backers who have not received their rewards will receive a full refund by December 16, 2016 to their credit cards. No further action is needed. For more information, please visit our Support page.
  • It may take up to ten business days for the refund to appear on a backer’s credit or debit card statement. In the event that the initial refund attempt is unsuccessful, steps will be taken to ensure all refunds are successfully processed. Once a refund is successfully processed, backers will receive an email from Kickstarter notifying them of the amount of the refund and the payment source refunded.
  • Orders from are no longer being accepted or fulfilled, including Pebble 2 pre-orders, which have not yet been charged or shipped.
  • Warranty support is no longer available for Pebble watches. How-to information and troubleshooting can still be found on our Support page and in the Pebble Forum.
  • Returns of orders that were successfully completed before December 7, 2016 will be refunded by our Support Team.
  • Pebble watches purchased at retail may be returned or exchanged based on the retailer’s return policy.
  • Pebblers can still find replacement charging cables and other compatible accessories (bands, skins, etc.) from and third-party vendors like GadgetWraps and Clockwork Synergy.
  • If you have any other questions about Pebble’s wind-down of operations, please visit this page


Until Next Time

It’s a bittersweet day, but I want to extend my biggest thanks to the Pebble community. Personally, one of the best feelings ever is spotting you on the train, running through an airport, or finishing a bike ride and checking your Pebble. If you catch me staring at your wrist (I’ll be the tall guy wearing a Pebble t-shirt), stop me and say “Hi.” If you’re wearing your Pebble, a drink is on me!

Thank you as well to all of Team Pebble—past and present. You’ve worked incredibly hard over the last 8 (!) years and created something amazing. It’s been a pleasure working with you and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the future.

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