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Personal ECG Monitors

I am often asked if the FITNESS monitors I sell and review can be used by customers with underlying heart conditions.

My answer is always no, they are intended for use by healthy adults with no known heart problems unless prescribed to do so by a medical professional.

I would not recommend using any of the FITNESS watches reviewed on this site to be used for monitoring potentially life threatening health issues.

In the first instance please ALWAYS consult with your GP or medical professional if you have any concerns regarding cardiac health.

This is just a small selection of ECG monitors designed specifically for medically focused heart rate monitoring at home. This range of portable ECG monitors start at about £100 and go up to approx  £400+. I have not personally used any of them and request that you ensure the device meets your requirements and expectations before purchasing.

Looking for a Blood Pressure Monitor

Something we get asked about every day is whether these devices can also measure blood pressure. No, they can't.

These ECG devices monitor the electrical activity around the heart. A blood pressure monitor measures the diastolic and systolic blood pressure while the heart pumps and rests.

We have a selection of some of the most popular blood pressure monitors here

PLEASE DO NOT purchase any of these ECG devices if you have a pace maker fitted unless advised by your GP.

EKG Machines reviewed by CardioCritic

  • Kardia Mobile ECG by Alivecor Review 2018 [CardioCritic]

    Innovative, easy to use and medically approved - the Kardia Mobile is a brilliant ECG sensor that connects with your smartphone. If you have any concerns about your heart's health you should visit a Doctor. The Kardia Mobile is a NICE (UK) and FDA (USA) medically approved electrocardiagram device that pairs with your smartphone (iOs and Android devices supported)

    Reviewed by CardioCritic

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  • Heal Force Portable ECG

    The Heal Force 180-B is a compact, lightweight and easy to use portable ECG machine. The 180-B provides an accurate ECG diagnosis on par with professionals, clinics and hospitals. Convenient 30 second single-channel ECG waveform analysis with/without electrodes (electrodes are not included). The 180-B provides ECG traces in 17 different ECG waveforms and heart rate display. The PC-80A version can also perform a 10 hour continuous recording ...

    Reviewed by CardioCritic

    Amazon Price Check

  • Beurer ME80 Personal ECG

    From a company that has been making professional health & well-being instruments since 1919 the Beurer ME-80 is a state of the art portable ECG machine. A brilliant device for those concerned with heart related illness or complications. This personal ECG monitor will accurately record your heart rate, without the need for wires. It's large memory can store up to 99 recordings. Plug the unit in to a Windows PC for detailed evaluation that can be shared with your GP ...

    Reviewed by CardioCritic

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  • Omron ECG HCG 801

    Omron HCG801 HeartScan is a portable ECG monitor small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The culmination of many years of research by Omron. The HCG801 is a complete ECG unit, compact, ergonomic, standalone. Designed to be discrete and user-friendly device it can be carried all times. When you feel the symptoms of a heart problem simply reach for the HeartScan and take a 30-second recording of your heart’s waveform, instantly and discretely ...

    Reviewed by CardioCritic

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