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Polar A370 Review

Polar A370 Fitness Tracker
  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 5 stars
£159 to £179
  • 100%

  • Heart Rate functionality
    Editor: 95%
  • Heart Rate Accuracy
    Editor: 95%
  • Activity Tracking features
    Editor: 95%
  • Running functions
    Editor: 80%
  • Cycling functions
    Editor: 60%
  • Fitness monitoring features
    Editor: 90%
  • Ease of Use
    Editor: 100%
  • Battery Life
    Editor: 100%

The Polar A370 builds on the brilliant A360 (4.5/5 Star Review) adding some great new features including advanced sleep tracking, 24/7 heart rate, GPS sharing & heart rate broadcast (Bluetooth). The Polar A370 is one of the best activity trackers on the market with a high quality colour display and changeable wrist straps. This review of the Polar A370 has been written and prepared by Tristan Haskins aka CardioCritic.

Released > August 2017

Replaced > Polar A360

Suggested Retail price (at time of release) > £149.50

Who’s it For?

The Polar A370 is for anyone looking to improve their fitness with the help of a stylish, functional and motivational fitness tracker. It’s not an out and out performance monitor as it doesn’t have an internal GPS (although it can piggy back share the GPS in your phone). If you want to do that take a look at the new Polar M430. The A370 supports Polar dozens of sports profiles so you can keep track of your exercise whether it’s cycling, running, rowing, weight training etc.

It does everything you’d expect for a top of the range fitness band including steps counting, time to move alerts, smartphone notifications, off the wrist heart rate monitoring and daily calorie burn. Polar have been leading innovation in heart rate monitors since 1976 – we have loads more reviews of Polar Fitness trackers and heart rate monitors here

Differences – Polar A360 v A370

Cosmetically the Polar A360 and this A370 are almost identical but there’s several new technical features that justify the extra cost.

  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring option – your heart rate is recorded throughout the day.
  • Daily summary (found in My Day) providing feedback on lowest heart rate (resting HR) for both DAY and NIGHT plus maximum HR. Having resting heart rate for day and night is unique and useful feature not found on any other monitors I am aware of.
  • The A370 has a sample rate of 5 minutes, however, when it recognizes that you are exercising it increases this to a higher resolution (similar to regular exercise mode e.g 1 second) to give better heart rate representation throughout unplanned training activities.
  • Heart Rate Broadcast – transmit your heart rate to any compatible device eg Polar M460, M450, iPhone or Android phone running Polar Flow, Strava, Endomondo etc.
  • Advanced Sleep Tracking using Polar’s new Sleep Plus (external link) algorithm providing a more accurate representation of your sleeping patterns.

Next Model Up ??

If the NO CHEST STRAP option brought you to the Polar A370, Polar’s other products with wrist based heart rate are the M200 (intro level GPS running watch), the M430 (advanced running watch) and the Polar M600 (Android Wear).

Next Down ??

That’s an easier question. The next model down is the Polar Loop 2. Fairly similar in activity tracking functions like steps, calories and inactivity alert, but without the built-in heart rate sensor. The Loop 2 is an attractive and discrete activity band for those looking to increase daily activity.

Similar Alternative Fitness Bands

The best alternatives with the closest functionality to the Polar A370 activity tracker would be the FitBit Charge 2 and the Garmin Vivosmart HR. The Vivosmart HR & Charge 2 feature a barometric pressure sensor that provides stairs climbed feedback not found on the A370. Both provide OFF the WRIST heart rate monitoring and 24/7 activity tracking. They are ALL very good activity trackers, they all record heart rate to a reliable and accurate level, they all give an indication of sleep duration & quality and they all motivate you to move throughout the day…

Update Oct 2017 > Garmin have just released their new Garmin Vivosport fitness tracker. Replacing the Vivosmart HR+, the Garmin Vivosport features built-in GPS, wrist based heart rate, dedicated running functions (auto-lap, pace alerts etc) a full colour display, VO2 max, Stress tests and much more. CardioCritic have awarded the Garmin Vivosport Best on Test in the Fitness Tracker category and expect it to be one of the best selling fitness trackers of 2018.

Product Photos (from Polar)

I will be adding my own photos of the Polar A370 once I have finished testing the watch. In the meantime, please accept these Polar marketing department photos. This one demonstrates the following

  • Polar A370 smartphone alerts
  • One of the many watch face alternatives
  • Heart Rate Zone training

Exercise Mode

In Exercise Mode you get to select the exercise that most closely reflects your training session. There are over 100 different sport profile that can be loaded in to the A370.

Les Mills Training Programs

Recently Polar added dozens of Les Mills training profiles. If you’re not familiar with the world’s most popular online training programs please visit Polar Les Mills information page.

My Day Summary

The My Day screen is a summary of your daily activity with calories burnt, steps taken etc. It now includes heart rate data acquired throughout the day. This daily heart rate summary gives resting heart rate for both DAY & NIGHT and maximum heart rate

Speed & Distance while Training

The A370 can share your smartphone’s GPS. This useful feature provides accurate speed and distance data to your exercise sessions without the need or cost of it’s own built-in GPS. As well as GPS sharing the A370 features an internal accelerometer providing reasonably accurate speed / distance data while running on treadmill or outside without GPS sharing.

Heart Rate in 5 Zones

Polar have been involved in heart rate monitoring since 1976 … that’s something we shouldn’t forget about. They have decades of experience working with elite athletes analyzing their heart rate while they train and recover. The Polar A370 takes advantage of their experience utilizing Polar’s 5 x Heart Rate Zone system to help you understand the training intensity and it’s potential fitness benefit.

Polar Flow APP – get the whole picture

Polar’s Flow APP is one of the primary reasons why you might want to consider the A370. Doing the exercise is one thing, but understanding what benefit you can hope to receive from your training another thing. That’s where the Polar Flow APP comes in. Polar’s unique Training Benefit feature provides plain English explanation of what you achieved in your training session.

Get quality Training Benefit feedback from your A360 via Polar Flow APP

24/7 activity tracking

Track your activity 24/7 and get practical support to help you achieve your individual daily activity goal. The daily goal is set based on which one of 3 levels of activity you choose when setting up the A370 as shown below.

Polar A360 daily activity goal

At anytime in the day you can see your progress to achieving the goal from the bar under the time of day view (default). If you would like more details you can enter the “My Day” view to see precisely what you’ve done (note, watch shown is the A360, but screens are very similar)

Polar A360 Daily Activity Summary page view

And another tap will show you what more you need to do to achieve your daily goal from either standing, walking or jogging, as shown below

Activity required to achieve daily exercise goal on a Polar A360

Review Summary

If you’ve got this far then you’ll know by now that CardioCritic rate this Polar A370 very highly. The only feature missing found on other similarly priced fitness trackers is STEPS CLIMBED. It’s not a feature I really find that useful, but some people may have a reason for wanting it. I certainly wouldn’t allow that one omission put me off buying this 5/5 Star Review Polar A370 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to,,,,, or Likewise, we are members of other private affiliate programs and may earn comissions on purchases done by referrals at no additional cost for the buyer.