Polar Finland announce M600

When I met with my Polar account manager a few months ago I said it was a shame there wasn’t a watch that combined the style and built-in heart rate of the Polar A360 with the GPS and technical functionality of the Polar M400…

Built-In GPS, Heart Rate off the wrist & Android Wear OS

Well, I’m delighted to confirm the release of the Polar M600 Smartwatch with built-in heart rate sensors and GPS. What really makes the M600 the biggest thing Polar have released since the A360 (off the wrist Heart Rate) is the fact that it’s powered by Android Wear Operating System.

Polar M600 GPS HRM smartwatch with powered by Android Wear

Android Wear for iOs users?

The fact that Polar have incorporated Android Wear gives massive assurances of a stable platform supported by hundreds of Apps. For those using iPhones and iPads, don’t panic, the M600 will still sync to your iOs device via the Polar Flow app, you will get incoming call, text, diary alerts etc, but, at present, you won’t have access to the same number of Apps as those using Android devices.

Shop Now > Pre-order your M600 here

Review > We will be adding the review of the Polar M600 shortly

Polar M600 Black

Review to come ASAP

We hope to get our own M600 mid September. As soon as I have one in my hands I will get stuck in with a full and comprehensive product test. Once the review is live I will pop a link from this page to it with all the photographs and videos taken during the product test.

Polar M600 White

Press Release

If you want to know some more, I’m sure Google will provide some further reading material. For the official line, please try this PRESS RELEASE

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