Rotor Meters

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ROTOR was founded in 1994 by two cycling enthusiasts. Pablo Carrasco and Ignacio Estelles believed they could eliminate the dead spots in the pedal stroke. Pablo, an engineer, and Ignacio, a lawyer, had a vision and the skills to see it from dream to market. That hailed the start of Q-Rings. A genuine innovation that has gone from strength to strength with many pro-riders and pro-teams adopting the oval chainring system.

When researching for the perfect chainring shape Rotor had to sample power phases throughout the pedal stroke. From this research came their highly respected power meters. Rotor offer two primary product lines, the INPower and 2INPower (pronounced TWINPower). The INPower system is a single sided power metering solution with the strain gauges installed in the 30mm UBB bottom bracket. The 2INPower system is a dual-sided power meter with true bi-lateral power assessment.