Suunto Spartan Android ready

It’s with some pleasure and great relief that I can confirm the Suunto Spartan Sport and Spartan Ultra now support Bluetooth connection to Android smartphones. I have tested it to my own Motorola phone and I can PAIR, synchronise, make changes to the watch and receive smartphone notification alerts. I can synchronise moves, view training data and even watch a 3D movie of my ride/run on Suunto’s map view.

Suunto Spartan is now compatible with Android phones

The Movescount APP on iOs worked from day 1, however, this Android version was initially pretty useless. This upgrade is part of Suunto’s rapid deployment of fixes, upgrades and enhancements being applied to the Suunto Spartan models. Initially I criticised Suunto for releasing the Spartan too early so it’s good to see them sticking to their word and getting these upgrades out ASAP.


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