Suunto Spartan available September

POSTED > August 26th 2016

It seems that Polar and Suunto have been sitting on some real beauties to treat us this September, Polar have their new Android Wear powered M600 and now Suunto have announced a Mid September release date for the gorgeous new Suunto Spartan Sport & Sunto Spartan Ultra

Suunto Spartan sports mode

Would you like to Order?

We know that these are on a very restricted initial delivery run. If you’ve done your research and you know that this new Spartan is destined to be your next wrist computer, then we strongly advise you get one on PRE-ORDER here

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No more Suunto Ambit …

This new Spartan model replaces the very well received Suunto Ambit range. I was lucky enough to own and use almost daily the original Suunto Ambit, then an Ambit 2 Sapphire and also, on a 3 month loan the Ambit 3 Sport. What I’ve always loved about the Suunto range is their OBVIOUS QUALITY. You have to look to the Garmin Fenix range to come close to the quality of this new Spartan.

Suunto Spartan available in several colours including pink

Product Test to follow ASAP

At this point we’re just alerting you to the fact that this great new product is on it’s way. We will add a full product test in 4 – 5 weeks.

Showing monthly exercise totals

Some Key Points

Battery Life > 18h (in Full Power 1sec GPS fix rate, best GPS accuracy), 26h (in Power Save 1sec GPS fix rate, good GPS accuracy), 65h (in Power Save 60sec GPS fix rate, OK GPS accuracy)

Recovery Time > activity based recovery predictions with “feeling trend” in Movescount

Full Swim-Metrics > Open water and Pool swimming metrics including SWOLF score

Triathlon / MultiSport Mode > The Spartan allows you to change SPORT during an exercise session, great for any multisporter, not just triathletes. eg. Kayak, Swim, Run or similar.

…. more to follow in the review coming very soon.

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Available NOW ….

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