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Suunto Spartan Customisation

In late December Suunto released an important firmware upgrade for the Suunto Spartan Sport and Ultra. FINALLY… after a couple of months delay we now have Sport Mode Customisation for the Spartan. This is something that I personally criticised when I reviewed the Spartan following it’s release in Sept/Oct 2016. It was a key feature of the Ambit 3 range and an essential requirement for the Spartan range.

Not Perfect

It’s still not perfect. It is possible to alter the data fields of 3 x Training Pages of each NEW Sport Profile. BUT, it is not possible to

  • Change the number of metrics per page. These are fixed. I really like a LARGE 1 or 2 line display for running, PACE & HR
  • Change the metrics of the default Sport Modes. These are fixed.

This is all Work In Progress and part of Suunto’s development plan for the Spartan.

So what can you do?

Once you’ve created a new Sport Mode, in this example I configured a new Running profile called “Tristan Running”.

Customising Sport Profiles in the Suunto Spartan Ultra

The new Sport Profile has 3 x Training Pages a shown below

  1. is a 4 line display (4 Fields)
  2. is a 5 line display (5 Fields)
  3. is a lap summary page (Manual Lap)

Customising Sport Modes in Suunto Movescount

The user is now permitted to configure the METRICS shown in all the data fields. Simply select the desired metric for each data field.

Once this is finished and the new Sport Mode has been saved it’s just a matter of syncing the Spartan with Suunto Link.

Suunto’s Official Announcement

This is the official description taken from Suunto’s Spartan Stronger page.

Sport mode customization is being delivered in phases and we want you to know exactly what is coming in the first delivery and how to get the most out of this functionality. Please follow the steps below for the smoothest possible update process.

Step 1. Update SuuntoLink:
1. Do not connect your watch to your computer until you’ve updated SuuntoLink.
2. Open SuuntoLink software on your computer.
3. SuuntoLink will prompt for an update. Click ‘update’. Confirm that your SuuntoLink version is 2.1.50 or later. (To see you SuuntoLink version number, choose ‘About’ in SuuntoLink settings.)

Step 2. Update your Suunto Spartan:
1. Connect your Suunto Spartan Ultra or Spartan Sport to your computer with the provided USB cable.
2. SuuntoLink opens automatically after the watch has been connected.
3. SuuntoLink will prompt for a software update.
Note: If you have unsynchronized Moves in your watch, synchronize those first and then install the update.

Details of the first phase of sport mode customization:

  • You can create and customize new sport modes from Suunto watches (when logged in)
    • Ensure the software version of your Suunto Spartan Ultra and Suunto Spartan Sport is (1.6.10)
    • The new modes can be created for any of the activities available in Suunto Movescount. Several new modes can be created for each activity. You can create up to 19 sport modes that you can sync to your Spartan at one time.
    • Each new customized sport mode can be named and when synced, will show up on the sport mode ‘short-list’ on the watch when you begin your exercise on your Spartan.
  •  The modes that you can create have following capabilities:
    • There are three displays to modify: 4 fields, 5 fields and 3 column lap table. Currently there is no possibility to add or delete displays. If the sport mode has GPS in use, there is additionally automatically the breadcrumb display shown in exercise.
    • Advanced settings can be modified for the customized modes as well as the standard Suunto modes.
    • 30+ variables are available for customized displays. There are also new variables not currently available in standard Suunto modes. (altitude, EPOC, PTE, temperature and time of day).

Want to know more?

I have personally used the Suunto Spartan extensively since it’s release. If you want to get to understand how the replacement to the Ambit 3 performs please read my review here. This watch has had very varied reviews. I personally have increased it’s original review score from 2.5 to a strong 4/5. Once the FULL Sport Mode customisation has been released, I am sure I will further raise it to a 4.5 or even 5/5 stars.

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