TomTom Touch released

TomTom have broken new ground with their innovative new TomTom Touch activity tracking band. In a market with steep competition from Garmin, Polar and Fitbit, to name just a few, this new product has something no-one else is offering. This great new product will be available to buy online in OCTOBER. More details to follow…

Body Composition Analysis

The TomTom Touch can measure your % of body fat and also your muscle mass density. With sensors on the back and front of the watch, touching your finger on the front of the Touch completes a circuit up one arm, across your chest area and down the other arm.

TomTom body fat analysis with muscle density

Utilising Bio Impedance Analysis

The technology being recruited is BIA, or bio impedance analysis. Your TomTom Touch sends a harmless current through your body, how long the current takes to go through your body and how much resistance it encounters on the way determines your body fat composition.

New - TomTom Touch with heart rate, activity tracker and body fat analysis

Off the Wrist Heart Rate

As with many other competitors fitness bands the Touch has built-in optical heart rate sensors that provide accurate HR data WITHOUT the need of a chest strap.

Body Fat and Heart Rate from built in sensorsKey Features

Body Composition
Measure your body fat and muscle mass percentage

Built-in Heart Rate Monitor
Get 24/7 heart rate information on your wrist.

24/7 Activity Tracking
Capture steps, active time, calories burned, distance walked and sleep time.

Sports Mode
Log your sports and workouts and track your stats.

Swipe through the stats on the touchscreen.

Phone Notifications
Receive incoming call and text notifications right to your wrist.

Slim design for comfortable fit, male or female

Review coming soon

I hope to get my hands on this smart new Activity Tracker / Fitness band very soon. As soon as I’ve had a proper play with it I will add it to the TomTom product reviews.

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