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Heart Rate Monitor Training Advice

It’s all very well owning the latest, greatest state of the arts techno gadget with built in GPS and Heart Rate monitor…. but you need to know HOW to USE it. We’ve been using, selling, reviewing, testing and promoting heart rate monitors since 1996. We cannot give specific personal advice but we do our best to provide general training guides, help and information.

Heart Rate Calculators

Our most popular section here are our heart rate monitor calculators. We have this one to determine MaxHr and another to help you understand heart rate training zones. Don’t forget to visit our regular competition to win one of the products we’ve recently tested – all you have to do is LIKE and SHARE the Facebook post to win these great prizes

Fitness Training Advice from CardioCritic

3 Sessions to Improve your FTP

improve your FTP here

Any competitive cyclist aims at improving their FTP. The Functional Threshold Power is the benchmark of a cyclists performance. This great article from James Walsgrove at Ride Harder details 3 x excellent training sessions aimed at improving your FTP …..

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Abdominal Training Tips

Bob Wood on Evidence Based Abdominal Training

Every week I seem to see another advert on TV for some exercise equipment guaranteed to give me the sixpack I always dreamt of. Magazines are packed with “different” abdominal training programs. Do they work? Where’s the research and evidence to back up these claims. If you want to work your abdominal muscles and improve your CORE FITNESS you don’t need a new bit of gym kit. Bob Wood from Physical Solutions gives an evidence based Abdominal Workout relevant for ALL sports ….

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The Top 3 Heart Health Myths

A healthy heart is important to have a good quality of life. Heart disease is one of the top causes of death all over the world, and for some, they get diagnosed too late or they never care about their heart at all. Aside from that, there is so many information being spread about heart…

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Run Yourself Happy

RunTogether - running is good for your mental health

Running in a group makes 90% of people happier Whilst the physical benefits of running are well known, new research released today reveals that improvements in emotional health and wellbeing are being experienced by an extraordinary three-quarters of runners. The “Miracle Cure” improving brits’ mental health In the first major poll* of its kind, questioning…

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Normalised / Average Power

What is Normalised Power - explained by CardioCritic

Three rides all of 1.5 hours and all with an average power of 150 Watts. Are these three rides therefore identical? Are they training the same physiological systems? Normalised Power is a convenient way of differentiating between rides of similar average power but very different training objectives. More information about normalised power (NP) here …

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Get Fit in 2017

Get Fit in 2017 with a heart rate monitor watch

Another year and another New Year’s resolution. Over the coming weeks I will be giving tips and advice on training with a heart rate monitor to help you get fit and stay fit.

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Interval Training made EASY

An example of a phased interval training session

If you are trying to improve your fitness / race performance then you MUST include some INTERVAL sessions in your training. The Polar Flow service features an easy to use PHASED training plan. Once created, this plan can be stored in your M400, V800, M450 or V650 for future use.

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How to work out Maximum HR

Maximum Heart Rate calculator

Knowing your MHR (maximum heart rate) is a vital component for those training with a heart rate monitor. We have recently added a new MaxHR Calculator to the website for those who want an accurate prediction of their own theoretical MHR

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Calculators for HR Zone Training

Heart Rate Zone Training

We’ve just released our new Heart Rate Zones calculator. Please take a look to ensure you are optimising your training time. It’s based on Polar’s 5 x Sports Zones with heart rates from 50 to 100% of MHR (maximum heart rate)

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Best Heart Rate for HiiT? – An In-Depth Explanation

HiiT training for the body of a Greek god

Is there a particular heart rate monitor that is best suited for those undertaking a HiiT programme? We think there is. Here we have the best HRM for High Intensity Interval Training ….

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Underwater Heart Rate Recording

Garmin HRM-tri and HRM-swim for swimming heart rate

Swimmers / Triathletes, finally, Garmin have caught up with Polar and Suunto with the introduction of the HRM-swim and HRM-tri for heart rate monitoring UNDERWATER. More details available here

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