Withings Watches with Heart Rate

I have been a fan of the innovative Withings watches since they were first released. They're clean analogue style has since been copied in the Garmin Vivomove, a traditional watch with hands and activity tracking technology built in. With Bluetooth connectivity to both iOs and Android smartphones Withings provide a competent fitness tracking app to help you achieve your daily goals.

Fitness Tracking & Smartphone connectivity

The original Withings activity watch was innovative and stylish, but it lacked heart rate and smartphone notification alerts to really get my attention. Those criticisms have been answered with the new Withings Steel HR. A beautiful looking watch (with hands) and wrist based heart rate monitor. A discrete circular digital display provides fitness feedback on steps, distance, calories and heart rate. In addition to fitness metrics it also alerts to incoming calls, messages, diary events and other smartphone notifications.

Withings also have the Pulse Ox, another innovative product combining activity tracker with pulse oximeter (calculates the level of Oxygen in your blood). The Pulse Ox tracks steps, distance, elevation climbed and daily calories burned. During the night it monitors your sleep giving feedback on duration and quality. It can also measure your heart rate and blood oxygen level (on demand, not continuous)

Withings Reviews

Beautiful Withings Steel HR with fitness tracker and heart rate Withings Pulse Ox fitness tracker with SPO2 pulse oximeter  

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